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Cleansed Kit - Palo Santo / Sage / Selenite

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Clear your space of unwanted negative energy with this bundle of palo santo and sage. 

Discover the transformative properties, sacred rituals, and profound benefits of Palo Santo and Sage.

Our Cleansed Palo Santo Sage Kit combines the aromatic power of Palo Santo and the cleansing properties of Sage to create a harmonious space. Palo Santo, known as "holy wood," has been used for centuries to clear negative energy, uplift the spirit, and invite positivity. Sage, renowned for its purifying properties, helps to cleanse and purify the environment, releasing stagnant energy and promoting clarity.

Create a sacred ritual with our Cleansed Palo Santo Sage Kit to cleanse your space, release negative energy, and invite in positive vibrations. Simply light the Palo Santo or Sage bundle, allowing the fragrant smoke to cleanse the air, while setting your intentions for purification and renewal.

At, we meticulously cleanse and charge our Palo Santo and Sage bundles to ensure their energetic purity and potency. Each kit is thoughtfully curated to provide you with the highest quality Palo Santo and Sage for your cleansing rituals.

Experience the transformative power of Palo Santo and Sage. Embrace their cleansing properties, engage in sacred rituals, and invite positive energy into your life. Visit today to purchase our Cleansed Palo Santo Sage Kit and embark on a journey of purification and renewal.

Each cleansing kit comes with a Selenite wand, White sage bundle, Palo santo stick, and a selenite crystal collector card. Palo santo and sage are both sustainably harvested, Sage - California, Palo Santo - Peru. 

Palo santo is Spanish for 'holy wood', which is a sacred tree growing in parts of South America. Used for centuries spiritual practices and energy cleansing. Light this stick and set an intention to clear your space or body of any energy that no longer serves you. 

Sage has been used for centuries as a spiritual practice to remove negative energy. It also has other benefits such as, removing airborne bacteria and boosting one's mood reducing stress levels.


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