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Pink Amethyst Geode

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Pink amethyst from Patagonia, Argentina. 

Comes with a pink amethyst crystal collectors card. 

Extra Small: 1.5 inches, 20-50 grams

Small: 2 inches, 50-100 grams

Medium: 2.5 inches, 100-200 grams

Large: 3 inches, 200-300 grams

Extra Large: 4-5 inches, 360 - 880 grams


 This pink amethyst sphere is a wonderful crystal for activating the heart chakra. Through meditation, yoga or prayer, work with your sacred space to enhance the positive energies of love and compassion. Use it to promote loving frequencies in your home and to create a gentle space where you can feel safe from the outside world

Pink amethyst can be used on or around the heart chakra (middle of upper chest). Place in the bedroom or anywhere else relationships to self and others are practiced to promote resolution, reconciliation, and emotional understanding.

MANTRA • I remain open to my heart’s healing potential.


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