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Astrology for January 2023 - What You Need to Know

The astrology of January 2023 will awaken creativity, spiritual insight, and community-mindedness. Here are the major transits happening and the best gemstones to work with for each one to support you in harnessing and connecting with the present energies. 

Best Healing Crystals for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer season starts on June 21st,  lasting through July 22nd during which time the Sun will be passing through this watery and sensitive zodiac sign. Crystals can help you tap into the current energetic vibrations of Cancer. Here are the best healing crystals for this zodiac sign...

The Best Crystals for Gemini

Gemini season is May 20th through June 21st. Crystals can support you during this time whether you have Gemini in your astrology chart or you want to be in tune with the current energy. Covered here are the best seven crystals for Gemini: amethyst, agate, lepidolite, amazonite, citrine, quartz, and tiger's eye.


Best Crystals for the Aries Zodiac Sign

The Sun traverses the zodiac sign of Aries from March 20th through April 19th. If you have Aries in your astrology chart or you want to be more in tune with the vibrations of Aries season 2022, then here are some crystals you can align yourself with. This article will cover the six best crystals for this fiery zodiac sign; pyrite, carnelian, citrine, tiger's eye, bloodstone jasper, and clear quartz.

The Best Crystals for Taurus

Taurus season is April 20th through May 21st. Crystals can support you during this time whether you have Taurus in your astrology chart or you want to be in tune with the current energy. Covered here are the best six crystals for Taurus: rose quartz, tiger's eye, rhodonite, jade, malachite, and carnelian. 

Crystals and Zodiac Signs. Which One is Best for You?

When you think of crystals and astrology, you probably think of images of mystical, transparent stones that possess mystical powers. But what you may not know is that there is an entire world of science behind crystals and their myriad uses in daily life. Astrology and crystals are connected, and after reading this article, you’ll get a sense why. 

Lapis Lazuli Healing Benefits

Royal blue and eye-catching, Lapis Lazuli is a beaming crystal exuding powerful energy. Lapis Lazuli's healing benefits are as unique as its physical features. It’s among the more restorative, nurturing, and peace-inducing crystals gifted to us.

Best Crystals for Pisces Zodiac Sign

The Sun travels through Pisces from February 18th through March 20th. Pisces themes will be more prominent during this time and even more so for those born with the Sun, Moon, or Rising sign in Pisces. Certain gemstones vibrate within the same frequency as the energy of Pisces. Get to know the crystals that are best for this sublime and watery zodiac sign; blue calcite, fluorite, amethyst, citrine, sodalite, and tiger’s eye. 

The 6 Best Crystals for Capricorn

Capricorns are the steadfast, hardworking, loyal CEOs of the zodiac. But even this high-achieving sign can use a little grounding and energy restoration from their crystal allies. The 6 best crystals for Capricorn are here to support and strengthen the most ambitious sign.