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Lucky Crystal Kit - Carnelian / Pyrite / Tiger's eye / Green Aventurine

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These are some of the most popular crystals for their properties of prosperity, self-confidence, abundance.
This is also a great kit for Aries energy!

Comes with a carnelian sphere approx. 1-1.5 Inch, pyrite cluster, green aventurine palm stone, tigers eye tumble, crystal collector card for each along with crystal kit box.

Carnelian is a restorative stone, transforming anger into a vibrant lust for life.  It encourages a healing integration of sexuality and creative abilities, imbuing its guardian with a sense of positivity. Meditate with carnelian on or near the sacral chakra (lower abdomen below the navel).

Pyrite is the ultimate gem for manifestation and abundance. This stone is ideal for those involved in high-stress work situations, mass public interaction, and environmental stressors. Place it near you in your place of work, or anywhere you are called to respond with strength and integrity.

Tiger's eye grounds you in the material present. This stone’s frequencies root your self-concept in pure positivity. To open your mind with the clarity of focus. Tiger’s eye clears away fear, anxiety, and anything else that may cause you to doubt yourself.

Green aventurine goes straight to the source of wishes—the heart. Its energy is tender and nurturing, and can help with moving through unresolved emotional trauma. This stone encourages movement forward, allowing those who call upon it to know more about themselves and the world around them.

calm, cleansed, collected.

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I really enjoy the experience i get when my packages arrive. Fast shipping, crystals come without any damage, and the crystals they sell are gorgeous! I highly recommend purchasing. :)

Ashley Hamilton

Loyal Customer

Gorgeous amethyst and pink amethyst. Packaged extremely well for shipping which I was delighted to see the care and pride put into this awesome package when the crystals arrived. I am impressed so I placed another order. Great quality, highly recommend.

April Cox

Loyal Customer

Gift arrived extremely fast and was beautifully packaged with style and care. The crystal itself is stunning, it made my sister very happy on her birthday. I could see it light her up as she held it. Awesome! Thanks! You’re great!

Andrew Parkin

Loyal Customer

Excellent customer service. I love their products!

John Edmonson

Loyal Customer

The crystals I ordered were packed AMAZING. Zero chance of damage because of how well they were packed. Shipping was super fast and prices are very reasonable. I had zero issues and ordered more than once. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Rachel Martino

Loyal Customer

I really enjoy the experience i get when my packages arrive. Fast shipping, crystals come without any damage, and the crystals they sell are gorgeous! I highly recommend purchasing. :)

Michele Heinrichs

Loyal Customer

The ordering process was easy and efficient. I received order on time. The various scents I ordered are beautiful and I will be reordering regularly. Thank you.

Joanna M

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