Astrology for April 2023- What You Need to Know

Astrology for April 2023- What You Need to Know

Astrology for April 2023- What You Need to Know

2023 Astrology, Horoscope for April 2023

The astrology of April 2023 brings with it magical moments and a bit of intensity! Get ready for a transitional time when it will be essential to find your center. Focus on what anchors you and keeps you grounded in the present moment. Let’s get into the details.  

Dates to Highlight

April 3rd - Mercury enters Taurus

April 6th - Full Moon in Libra 

April 11th - Venus enters Gemini 

April 20th - Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Aries 

April 20th - Sun enters Taurus 

April 21st - Mercury retrograde begins 


The beginning of the month is calmer with the energy slowly building towards the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aries over the 19th and 20th. You will want to take it easy and get yourself organized. 


Ensure that you plan ahead and can easily plug into a gentle routine. The 21st begins a Mercury retrograde cycle, which means the time is perfect for taking a step back and rooting into nourishing self-care practices.

Mercury transits into Money-Minded Taurus

Key Themes: Taking care of tasks, business, financial organization, savings, planning


Crystals for Mercury in Taurus April 3rd 

  • Green aventurine - Good luck, growth, manifestation 
  • Malachite - Prosperity, good fortune, protection 
  • Ruby Kyanite - Inspiration, joy, abundance 


The month starts off with Mercury moving into grounded and earthy Taurus. This sign, known for being practical, is also known for their love of indulgence and pleasure as well. You can find a nice balance between the two with this transit. 


It is a generous time for allowing yourself space to land in the present moment. You can be aware of your finances and be open to inviting more prosperity and abundance into your life. Organize, plan, and take care of business. 


Mercury also can spur creativity. You can work with crystals such as ruby kyanite which awakens inspiration or green aventurine which encourages growth. As Taurus is a craft-loving archetype, this is a great time to explore, do some research, and gather ideas for a project or endeavor! 

A Full Moon in Artistic Libra 

Key Themes: Social engagements, friendships, creative expression, beauty, love, partnerships 


Crystals for the Full Moon in Libra on April 5th/6th 

  • Amazonite - Success, positivity, harmony 
  • Lapis Lazuli - Communication, speaking your truth
  • Pink Tourmaline - Creating community, making friends, being open and receptive 


A Full Moon in Libra happens on April 5th and 6th. Called the Pink Moon among some Native American peoples, this beautiful phase of the lunar cycle is all about togetherness, expression, and love. 


The Libra archetype is open and intentional. Friendships, relationships, and socializing can all be highlighted right now. An easy-going sense of community will be a major theme. Consider how you can get more involved in local causes or events. Libra awakens a sense of justice and balance. 


Ultimately the Full Moon in Libra invites you to be around others. Carry around crystals such as pink tourmaline to draw friends near as well as work with lapis lazuli to help you express your truth to the people in your life. This Moon is set to bring out kindness, harmony, and connection. 

Venus transits into Charismatic Gemini

Key Themes: Magnetism, self-expression, romance, friendships, connections, networking


Crystals for Venus entering Gemini on April 11th 

  • Blue Calcite - Emotional balance, learning, curiosity, enhances psychic abilities 
  • Fluorite - Clarity in relationships, aura cleansing, stabilizing 
  • Rainbow Moonstone - Creativity, confidence, artistic expression 


Another vibrant transit this month will be Venus moving into Gemini. This is when self-expression can be taken to an entirely new level. There are masks to be worn, masks to be taken off, and new aspects of persona to try. The possibilities will be endless. Have fun and experiment with sharing different or emerging sides of yourself! 


You will also want to keep emotional balance in mind as Venus helps soothe stress, anxiety, and tense moods. Crystals such as fluorite and blue calcite can bring an overall calm to the aura while keeping the energy open and receptive. 

A Powerful Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Aries

Key Themes: New experiences, bold energy, acts of courage, strong drive 


Crystals for the Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries on April 19th and 20th 

  • Obsidian - Psychic protection and cleanses negative energy 
  • Tiger’s Eye - Grounding, balances intense emotions, practical decision making
  • Carnelian - Supports vitality, mood enhancement, gives courage 


One of the main transits of the month will be a Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries over the 19th and 20th. During eclipses it is best to lay low and not overdo it as the energy can be tense or a bit overwhelming. Focus on being receptive to insights that arise as eclipses tend to reveal what was previously hidden. 


Aries is about courage and bravery. Therefore, this celestial event can awaken your drive, determination, and resolve. Let these parts of yourself rise to the surface and consider where these traits might best serve your community, friends, and family. Keep in mind that this is a good period for analyzing what to do next, rather than for taking action just yet. 


It is recommended to keep some grounding stones with you during the Solar Eclipse such as obsidian and tiger’s eye. Both can help tether you to the body and help you to feel rooted and secure. 

Sun transits into Sensual Taurus

Key Themes: Love, relationships, self-love, indulgence, time in nature, soul nourishment


Crystals for Sun transit through Taurus April 20th through May 21st

  • Rose Quartz - Heart-opening, supports relating, eases stress
  • Garnet - Earthy, rooted, self-care
  • Ruby - Indulgence, sensuality, protection

 garnett crystal meaning

Just after the eclipse commences, the Sun makes its monthly transit into a new sign, entering into Taurus. This shifts the mood quite a bit towards embodiment, sensuality, and self-care. There will be a need to nourish and soothe the soul as the eclipse energy settles. 


Focus on physical needs. Take your time, try not to rush anywhere, and indulge in the present moment. The Sun in Taurus connects you with nature and can draw you towards plants, gardening, and the outdoors. Make some space to commune with the Earth during this time. 


There is also a sensitivity and heart-centered energy that awakens when the Sun is in Taurus. Ruled by Venus, sweetness, love, and relationships are all important themes. Crystals such as rose quartz awaken you to self-love and acceptance while garnet reminds you to self-care. 

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 

Key Themes: Slowing down, taking space, meditation, mindfulness, time in nature 


Crystals for Mercury Retrograde in Taurus April 21st through May 14th 

  • Amethyst - Clear communication, connection to the divine, protection
  • Clear Quartz - Spiritual practices, meditation, clearing 
  • Labradorite - Magic, spirituality, grounding 


The second Mercury retrograde cycle of 2023 begins on the 21st of April and lasts through the 14th of May. It is in the sign of Taurus, so it can slow things down even more. This one is all about pacing yourself. Let yourself methodically and deliberately move from moment to moment. 


You can carve out space for magic, spirituality, and meditation. Help your mind to find clarity during this time by not overloading your schedule. The more relaxed and gentle you can be with yourself, the better. 


Crystal such as labradorite will be especially helpful to keep you grounded while still allowing your intuition to flow in a balanced way.

Amethyst and clear quartz can be helpful allies to connect you with the divine, nature, and your deep self as you manage the paused energy of this transit. 

The Takeaway 

April will help you continue with anything that was begun last month at the equinox on March 20th. Events that happened around that time will start to make more sense. While things can be in a transitional moment, it will be important to ground into a regular routine.

Remember to enjoy yourself and indulge in the beauty of nature. Get outside when you can, look at the stars, and observe the magic of the Earth. 

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