Collection: Clear Quartz

Are you searching for a crystal that can help you tune into higher spiritual guidance and bring you a sense of calm in times of stress? Look no further than Clear Quartz Crystal! This powerful crystal carries a deep vibration for awakening and attunement, helping you tap into your inner wisdom and connect with higher realms of consciousness. Clear Quartz is also renowned as the universal healer, clearing negativity and attracting positive energy into your life. Whether you're seeking greater clarity, emotional balance, or a deeper connection to your spiritual path, Clear Quartz is an essential addition to any crystal collection. 
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Clear quartz benefits

Clear quartz, often referred to as the 'master healer,' serves a variety of purposes in crystal therapy. Believed to amplify energy and enhance mental clarity, it can be used in multiple ways. Whether worn as jewelry for personal energy enhancement, employed in meditation to sharpen focus, or simply placed in one's surroundings for overall balance and well-being, clear quartz remains a versatile and valuable crystal in holistic practices. It can also be cleansed and charged using methods such as saltwater soaking, smudging, or exposure to sunlight.


Clear quartz is known as the 'master healer' crystal and is believed to amplify energy, enhance clarity of thought, and promote overall balance and well-being.

To cleanse clear quartz, you can use methods like soaking it in saltwater, smudging it with sage, or placing it under moonlight, removing any accumulated energy and restoring its natural vibrancy.

Yes, clear quartz can be placed in the sun to cleanse and charge, harnessing the energy of sunlight to rejuvenate its properties.

Yes, clear quartz is generally safe to place in water for cleansing and charging, but it's essential to ensure the crystal is of good quality and free from any fractures or impurities that might be affected by water.

To use clear quartz, you can wear it as jewelry, meditate with it to enhance clarity and focus, or place it in your environment to promote overall balance and well-being.