Astrology for December 2022 - What You Need to Know

Astrology for December 2022 - What You Need to Know

Astrology for December 2022 - What You Need to Know

The astrology of December 2022 brings us through the final transits of the year before heading into 2023. There can be plenty of things to process from this previous year as well as intentions that can be set to bring with you into the New Year. Notice the crystals suggested here that can be used for each of the major transits this month to best support you in harnessing and connecting with the present energies. 

Dates to Highlight

December 6th - Mercury enters Capricorn

December 7th - Full Moon in Gemini

December 9th - Venus enters Capricorn

December 20th - Jupiter enters Aries

December 21st - Solstice + Sun enters Capricorn

December 23rd- New Moon in Capricorn

December 29th - Mercury retrograde begins in Capricorn

December starts off with the Sun in Sagittarius through the 21st which is fiery, spirited, and adventurous. This can tend to be a busy time for many, with changeable plans and passionate experiences. At the same time, the planets Venus and Mercury will be entering into practical Capricorn while Mars remains in retrograde, continuing to slow or temper things down just a tad. 

Spiritual practices will be particularly in focus around the Solstice on the 21st followed by the New Moon on the 23rd which will support setting intentions for the New Year. This will be a great time to consider which spiritual, wellness, or personal practices to bring with you into 2023 and which ones to leave behind. We close out 2022 with a Mercury retrograde, reminding us to slow down for a moment, take a breath, and take care of each other. 

Let's get into the details of each transit!

Mercury and Venus enter Earthy Capricorn

Key Themes: Achievements, clarifying ambitions and goals, success, creativity

Crystals for Mercury and Venus entering Capricorn on December 6th and December 9th

green aventurine crystal


  • Green Aventurine - increased confidence, joy, success
  • Onyx - focus, willpower, direction, protection
  • Garnet - creativity, grounding, perseverance, physical well-being

    garnet crystal meaning

    As the planets Mercury and Venus make their way into Capricorn on December 6th and 9th, your attention will tend to turn towards your material surroundings, life goals, and how to implement them. This can be a time to plan, organize, and consider what it is you want in this present moment and beyond. 

    Mercury is a planet of communication and when it enters logical Capricorn, you can expect discussions and information to focus on topics that are more down-to-earth and detailed in nature. This sign is also known for being sincere and conscientious so take some time to consider the intentions behind your current communications with others.

    Then with Venus also entering Capricorn on the 9th, there will tend to be a greater focus placed on achieving goals and putting endeavors into motion. You will have the acumen and strategy to know precisely what you want to do and how to implement it. Work with the stones onyx for focus and green aventurine during this time to remember to bring confidence and excitement to your projects and partnerships.

    A Full Moon in Imaginative Gemini

    Key Themes: New interests, expanding friend networks, creativity and imagination

    Crystals for the Full Moon in Gemini on December 7th 

  • Celestite - calm mind, relieves stress, emotional and mental healing
    • Amethyst - creativity, spiritual awakenings, spiritual connections, divination
    • Sodalite - clear communication, opening Throat Chakra, creative self-expression 


    sodalite crystal meaning

    One of the most social Full Moons of the year is the one that happens in Gemini on December 7th. This lively and cerebral alignment will bring out your desire to be around others and a longing to connect with your community and people you can share your unique interests with. 

    The energy of this Moon can also be somewhat frenetic, therefore calming crystals such as amethyst or celestite can help bring the vibes to a more manageable speed. This helps you be intentional and discerning around your social connections, especially when it comes to online and social media communications. 

    The Full Moon in Gemini also awakens imaginative, creative, and visionary abilities. This is a great time to write and create fantasy stories, pieces of artwork, or do other creative endeavors. The energy will be heightened for exploring the mind and all the visionary possibilities that can come through this aspect of your being. Sodalite can help you express yourself clearly and share with confidence your creative ideas. 

    Jupiter Enters Brave and Bold Aries

    Key Themes: Abundance, taking risks, courage, bravery, confidence, developing self-esteem

    Crystals for Jupiter entering Aries on December 20th


  • Tiger’s Eye - vitality, success, courage, protection, energy
  • Yellow Fluorite - decisiveness, clarity, focus, vision
  • Carnelian energy, confidence, strength, creativity, grounding your creative vision

    tigers eye crystal meaning


    Jupiter, the planet of expansion, fortune, abundance, and growth will be entering the confident sign of Aries on the 20th of the month. This energy can shift how you show up in the world and the power, force, and determination that drives personal as well as collective goals to be initiated. 

    Crystals that help you connect with your confidence, creativity, and willpower are recommended during this time. Carnelian and tiger’s eye increase vitality and resonate perfectly with the confidence-building energies of this transit to propel you towards making bold moves in your life. 

    The Solstice + The New Moon in Capricorn

    Key Themes: Thoughtful rituals, setting intentions, clearing space, mindfulness

    Crystals for the Solstice and the New Moon on December 21st and December 23rd

  • Selenite - fresh energy, clearing, decluttering, spirituality, connection to the divine 
  • Black Tourmaline - grounding, protection, clearing 
  • Malachite - balance, heart-centered intentions, purpose, success, creativity, confidence

  • The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere happens on the 21st marking the longest night of the year and the longest day of the year respectively. This can be a powerful spiritual time for setting intentions, reflecting on the previous year, or doing spiritual work or practice. 

    Consider doing some thoughtful rituals, meditations, or divination practices around this time. The Solstice is an excellent period for doing a tarot reading for example for the year ahead to see what is in store for you. Have black tourmaline around to ground during any spiritual work to help protect and clear the space from energetic clutter. 

    Crystals that can support you during this time to bring in fresh energy are selenite to cleanse and clear your space, your energy field, or your spiritual tools or other crystals. Then as the New Moon happens in pragmatic Capricorn on the 23rd, it will be a great time to contemplate things in your life related to your career, finances, and material surroundings or belongings.  

    You can come away from these transits with some fresh insights into how you are spending your time and energy. Malachite can be worked with to bring balance, emotional harmony, and heart-centered openness to your goals and dreams. 

    Mercury Retrograde begins

    Key Themes: Prioritize self-care, cleansing, rest, slowing down, being intentional 

    Crystals for Mercury Retrograde December 29th-January 18th 


  • Blue lace agate - inner peace, clear communication, healing, calm, ease
  • Rose Quartz - self-love, emotional balance, gentleness, sweetness, affection
  • Blue calcite - soothing, self-care, intuition, eases the mind, calming

    rose quartz crystal meaning


    While there can be some obstacles to overcome by the potential confusion or miscommunications that are likely by ending the year with a Mercury retrograde, there is also another way to look at this transit. This retrograde takes place in the sign of Capricorn, known for thoroughness, being in touch with the physical body, and caring for material and environmental needs. This cycle can be a good time to remember what your self-care practices are. 

    In addition, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries. Utilize this time to consider your boundaries in your various relationships, in regard to your responsibilities, work, routines, etc. Crystals to help you keep your self-love, care, and needs in mind, such as rose quartz and blue lace agate can support you in doing what you need to do for yourself as you head into 2023. 

    The Takeaway 

    Mercury retrograde ends on the 18th of January, so it will be an interesting time from December and into the New Year! There can be a few hiccups along the way, therefore, remember to partner with your beloved stones and connect with your support networks to create spaces where love, care, and togetherness can thrive. The month of a Solstice can be a time to harmonize, reflect, and generously share in warmth and abundance with the people around you. 

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