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What Crystals Can Get Wet? A Comprehensive Guide

What Crystals Can Get Wet? A Comprehensive Guide Crystals lovers usually fall under one of the two schools of thought: All crystals have some water tolerance, or no crystals belong near water. But the truth,...

Sacred Gems: A guide to the top 13 essential healing crystals

Whether you’re just starting a healing crystal collection or have more than a million special gems, these 13 essential sacred stones are the secret to experiencing powerful shifts.


The very crystals that adorned warriors for protection, blessed palaces of old, and healed ancient princesses, are now bestowing our nightstands, jewelry, and hearts with their eternal and essential healing energy.

Astrology of September 2022: What to Know

With the Equinox, Full Moon, and Mercury retrograde, the month of September 2022 has several major astrological happenings to keep in mind. Here is what you need to know and how to best align with the rhythmic tides of the celestial energies. Explore some of the best crystals for the transits plus a couple of rituals for how to partner with their magic. 

Moss Agate: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Associated with the energy of nature itself, moss agate brings a grounded frequency of slow, steady growth that’s always working in harmony with all the other elements to thrive and prosper. Its energy feels patient, calm, and present, bringing you back into your body, into your center, into your heart.

Serpentine meaning and healing properties

Serpentine is a green stone that has many healing properties. It's known as the stone of balance, because it helps you to find your center and find peace within yourself. Serpentine is also a stone of love and heart chakra healing, so if you're feeling disconnected in some way, serpentine can help you get back on track.

Best Crystals for the Third Eye Chakra

The best crystals for the third eye chakra remove energetic blockages, eliminate conditioning, and activate your access to your spiritual potential. By enhancing your inner knowing and unlocking your intuition and creativity, your third eye will expose you to limitless magic.

How to Tell if a Crystal is Real

While heat-treated and dyed crystals and artfully made glass and plastic stones can be beautiful, you still want to be aware of what you are getting. Genuine stones will carry a different vibration than fake ones. Learning to spot the difference can be an important step in tuning into the frequencies of your crystal allies. 

Crystals to Tap Into Your Intuition

Crystals carry energetic frequencies that can help support you in tapping into your intuition. Here are some of the best crystals to help support you in learning to trust the voice within. Covered in this article is labradorite, Lemurian, lapis lazuli, sodalite, malachite, selenite, and amethyst. 

How to Use Healing Crystals in Design

Have you ever walked into a space that felt heavy and uninviting, cold and cluttered? Did it leave you feeling low and depleted afterward?

Have you ever walked into a space that felt fresh and welcoming, warm and easy to feel at home in? Did you leave feeling better, full of appreciation and light?

This is an example of the very visceral power that the energy within a space has to shift your entire mood, day, and life!