Astrology of September 2022: What to Know

Astrology of September 2022: What to Know

Astrology of September 2022: What to Know


With the Equinox, Full Moon, and Mercury retrograde, the month of September 2022 has several major astrological happenings to keep in mind. Here is what you need to know and how to best align with the rhythmic tides of the celestial energies. Explore some of the best crystals for the transits plus a couple of rituals for how to partner with their magic. 


Major astrological events in September: Dates to watch out for

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September 5th - Venus enters Virgo 

September 9th - Mercury retrograde in Libra

September 10th - Full Moon in Pisces

September 22nd - Equinox + Sun entering Libra

September 25th - New Moon in Libra 

September 29th - Venus enters Libra


The primary astrological energies we are working with this month are Virgo and Libra, two signs whose archetypes symbolize refinement, grace, and thoughtful attention. As you move through this month, notice how subtle details do make a difference. 


There is space now to be discerning, specific, and harmonious in how you move through the world, relate to others, and make decisions. Let yourself step into some self-growth and a clearer knowing of who you are and where you are heading at this time. 

Venus enters earthy Virgo 

Key Themes: Refinement, devotion, decluttering


Crystals to work with while Venus is in Virgo September 5th-29th 

  • Agate - focus, concentration, discernment
  • Jasper - stability, stamina, groundedness
  • Pyrite - abundance, confidence, energy

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September 5th marks the movement of Venus into Virgo. This zodiac sign is known for their excellent discernment, knowing what a situation needs as well as what it does not. This makes Venus in Virgo the perfect time to declutter and clear things out of your life. 


You will be able to see more easily what should remain present and what you might be ready to let go of. As Venus is about relating, attraction, and beauty, this transit will give you the space to consider how you want to refine things in your love life, partnerships, and connections of all kinds. 


The energy supports precision, so allow yourself the room you need to fully formulate your desires, thoughts, and ideas. The Sun is also in Virgo through the 22nd, which allows you to have a clarifying eye for detail that can be brought through all that you do at this time. 

Mercury Retrograde

Key Themes: Slow down, adjust routines, be mindful 


Best crystals to work with during Mercury retrograde September 9th-October 2nd 

  • Sodalite - clear communication, mental clarity, truth 
  • Shungite - grounds, clears, block negative energies 
  • Labradorite - protects, grounds, opens up intuition and perception

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The third Mercury retrograde cycle of the year begins on September 9th in Libra which will bring your attention to within. While external energies, events, and interactions can slow down for a time, you can utilize this period to catch up on your own projects or time to yourself. 


Find joy in slowing down and taking things one task at a time. It helps during a retrograde to review things thoroughly and avoid rushing when making plans, setting dates, or confirming appointments. Mercury represents daily travel, logistics, and communications – so all of these areas of life can be better supported with some extra buffer time during this cycle. 


Mercury then changes signs on the 23rd back into Virgo which will shift the focus to the physical, the body, and self-care. An emphasis on needing to take extra care of oneself and wellness is likely. The end of the cycle comes on October 2nd after the Sun has already entered Libra on the 22nd bringing everything into a harmonious balance. 


Crystal Ritual for Mercury Retrograde using Labradorite 


  1. Have a piece of labradorite that is small enough to carry with you daily
  2. On September 9th (the first day of the retrograde cycle) meditate while holding the labradorite stone. Deep breath, attuning yourself to the crystal’s energy for at least several minutes
  3. Try to sense what you are feeling when you commune with the crystal – labradorite can be both grounding and very spiritual 
  4. Each day carry your labradorite with you as a talisman of protection and ease during this retrograde cycle
  5. You can meditate with the stone each day if you feel so-called 
  6. At the cycle's end on October 2nd, set your labradorite aside to be cleansed with a Moon bath on October 9th 

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The Full Moon in Mystical Pisces

Key Themes: Divine connections, develop intuition, practice divination


Best crystals for the Full Moon in Pisces on September 10th

  • Moonstone - spirituality, intuition, open up subtle awareness 
  • Amethyst - Harmony, balance, divine connection
  • Quartz - Focus, clarity, manifestation 


The magical Pisces Full Moon falls one day after the start of Mercury retrograde on September 10th. This Moon allows for a deep dive into the numinous, spiritual, and imaginal realms. A feeling of being in-between and the generous spiritual vibration of Pisces supports deepening a relationship with your psyche, self, and spirit. 


While the Sun is in Virgo during this Full Moon, a heart of devotion to your personal practices and spiritual path can be cultivated. A mindful and sincere connection to the universe, nature, and all of existence can truly flow at this time. 


The Pisces Full Moon is an excellent time for intuitive and spiritual development as well as divination practices such as tarot or oracle card readings. Utilize this time to look within and see what spiritual lessons your deep self has for your personal growth at this time. 


Crystal ritual for the Full Moon in Pisces using Moonstone


  1. On the morning of the 10th, write out a problem, issue, or question that have on a piece of paper
  2. Fold the paper up and set it on your windowsill 
  3. Then set a Moonstone crystal on top of the paper for the day
  4. At night, when you are heading to bed, take the paper and Moonstone and place them under your pillow
  5. An answer might come to you in your dreams that night or something will awaken in your psyche to reveal more information in the coming weeks 

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The Fall Equinox and the Start of Libra Season 

Key Themes: Togetherness, gratitude, harmony 


Best Crystals for the Fall Equinox on September 22nd

  • Rose Quartz - relationships, emotional balance, self-love
  • Malachite - confidence, harmony, alleviates stress
  • Calcite - healing, centering, soothing


The 22nd marks the fall equinox in the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern, this is a time when life shifts into balance opening the way for a reset if needed. The potent energy of the equinox is a great time for both magic and the mundane. It is a powerful portal for putting your heartfelt intention into your personal goals and desires. 


This transit is also marked by the Sun entering into Libra, creating a transition space for finding your center and flow within your current life’s path. The experiences you have now are themed around harvest and bringing things to fruition. You can set yourself up for what is next or just be present in the frequency of the moment. Commune with nature and connect with yourself, find your sense of grounding and rootedness. 

The New Moon in Libra 

Key Themes: Intention setting, creative endeavors, beauty, and self-expression 


Best Crystals for the New Moon in Libra on September 25th

  • Citrine - clarity, confidence, creativity 
  • Selenite - energetic cleansing
  • Celestite - peace, serenity, balance 


Gear up for expressive, artistic, and creative endeavors to flourish as the New Moon on the 25th opens the way forward. This is followed up by Venus changing signs on the 29th into Libra as well bringing an added layer of beauty, aesthetics, and artistry to your everyday experiences. In addition, you can explore embracing self-acceptance and self-love, finding ways to deeply and truly appreciate who you are inside and out. 


The astrological weather is always moving and shifting, pulling and guiding us along in space and time. While September offers some challenges, such as delays brought on during Mercury retrograde, it also offers gifts like the equinox's harmonizing effects. Attune yourself to the orchestra of the celestial spheres, and bring crystals along as your allies, it will be a magical month. 


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