Seven Chakra Healing Stones

Seven Chakra Healing Stones

Seven Best Chakra Healing Stones

Seven Chakra Healing Stones

Align, open, and activate your vital energy sources with healing crystals. Balance your physical body, feel grounded and align your chakra system.

Healing crystals continue to make their way into our homes, decorating them with energized beauty. They are becoming the most magical addition to our jewelry collections for a pop of powerful color. And if you’re reading this, you may have experienced tremendous emotional and spiritual healing with the help of crystals and healing stones. 

However, crystals have no greater benefit and aid than the restoration and transformations offered by the seven chakra healing stones.

Your seven chakras are potent energy sources responsible for how you process everything from self-image, safety, love, communication, spiritual ascension, mental clarity, and creativity. These seven chakra healing stones help restore, balance, align and activate these energy points for you to thrive and live life as it's meant to be. 

Discover how to balance your energy and allow source energy to flow through you uninhibited.

How to Use Chakra Healing Stones


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Chakra becomes blocked when trauma and other painful experiences get stuck in the body. For example, if you went unheard for many years, you may have developed the false idea that what you have to say is unimportant. This creates a belief that your words are not valuable and your sense of self-worth diminishes. 

These belief systems impact your throat chakra, making communication shallow and full of trepidation. The sacral chakra may also be impacted, which represents your self-esteem. Chakra healing stones help move these experiences out of the body, transmute the energy, and instill higher vibrations that allow the chakra to work optimally.

Before getting into which chakra healing stones are the best for each chakra, here is how you will use the crystals and integrate them into your spiritual practice.


  • Place the crystal on the appropriate chakra while laying down and meditating.
  • Wear as jewelry.
  • Hold while reciting mantras or affirmations.
  • Create a chakra healing crystal grid.
  • Make an altar that includes crystals and other high-vibrational divinity tools.
  • Keep crystals around your home.
  • Carry them with you wherever you go in a purse or your pocket.
  • Encompass your yoga or pilates mat with healing crystals.
  • Journal with each crystal, one by one.
  • Talk to your crystals, then meditate for a chance to intuitively hear a response!
  • Integrate them into other rituals.
  • Bath with water safe crystals
  • Meditate and visualize the color and energy of each crystal flowing into you.

Be deliberate with your chakra healing stones. Many uses are passive, like just keeping them around. But the power of programming each crystal with intention is when invites a specific crystal to treat a specific chakra. So be sure to use a mixture of these practices for the greatest healing.

7. Amethyst - Crown Chakra


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The Crown Chakra, or Sahasrara, is a portal to divine energy. When the seventh chakra is blocked, access to your higher self is severed. This can cause depression, dissociation, inability to ground thoughts or ideas, psychological troubles, and a sense of watching your life from the outside. Amethyst is a wonderful protective crystal.

Amethyst shares the deep purple color that resonates with the crown chakra. It’s a highly spiritual healing crystal. When aligning with the frequency of Amethyst, you open the chakra up to experience:


  • Spiritual bliss
  • Mental peace and clarity
  • Intuitive and Psychic
  • Ability to connect to the world around you

Amethyst helps bestow tranquility, peace, positivity, and spiritual alignment. Without an open crown chakra, your spiritual growth and self-actualization are limited.

6. Labradorite - Third Eye Chakra

labradorite healing properties

The third eye chakra, or Ajna, is the sixth chakra and second most spiritual energy force within you and masters your access to wisdom, inner-knowing, mindfulness, and imagination. Labradorite serves as an energetic reminder of your potential. Working with this healing stone gives you a glimpse into the best version of yourself possible.

When working with Labradorite and your third eye chakra, you can expect:


  • Greater self-awareness
  • Creativity
  • Deeper understanding, Remove negative thought
  • Closeness to God or source energy

5. Sodalite - Throat Chakra


sodalite healing crystal


The throat chakra is responsible for expressions, communication, advocating for yourself, and sharing information. The development of relationships and expansion of the human race rely heavily on the energy of the throat chakra.

Wearing a Sodalite necklace so that it is near the throat chakra helps balance the energy flow that may cause you to be shy, dishonest, or afraid to speak your truth. Wearing and meditation with Sodalite transforms polluted throat chakra energy so that you can


  • Control many modes of self-expression
  • Effectively share information
  • Be discerning with your words
  • Makes you capable of nurturing your powerful instincts 

4. Green Aventurine - Heart Chakra


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Green Aventurine resonates with the Heart Chakra, the most vulnerable energy source. The Heart Chakra requires special maintenance as most emotional experiences pass right through it.

Green Aventurine invites receptivity and abundance and offers good luck in love. Work with Green Aventurine to


  • Forgive those who broke your heart
  • Prioritize self-appreciation
  • Make space to love others
  • Perceive connection with positivity and optimism

3. Yellow Lace Agate - Solar Plexus Chakra


yellow lace agate crystal


The Solar Plexus Chakra is a powerful energy center helps manage your self-esteem, motivation, and willpower. Yellow Lace Agate invigorates this chakra with joy and trust while encouraging you to follow your gut and have limitless access to your purpose and power.

Meditating with Yellow Lace Agate will


  • Create a safe space for you to feel at home in your body
  • Invite laughter, humor, and a sense of ease into your life
  • Increases emotional stability and self-awareness

2. Red Jasper - Sacral Chakra

red jasper for the root chakra

The Sacral Chakra emits transformational energy that impacts your mental, emotional, and spiritual body. The second chakra allows you to experience and express creativity, passion, and sensuality. Jasper is a perfect grounding stone.

Red Jasper channels potent grounding energy, helping you release fear and activating the parasympathetic nervous system so that life decisions aren’t made in survival mode. Use Red Jasper to


  • Strengthen emotional resilience
  • Deepen connection and intimacy with self and others
  • Open up to the flow of life and become flexible
  • Allow yourself to feel safe and have fun
  • Increase receptibility to pleasure


1. Aragonite - Root Chakra

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The first chakra is responsible for the foundation of your being, located at the base of your spine. Stability, security, and general wellbeing. When the root chakra is blocked, feelings of anxiety, depression, hopelessness, or purposelessness are likely. This stone can help you connect to the earth's energy and help with a root chakra imbalance.

Aragonite imparts steadiness to the root chakra. Its stabilizing energy increases self-worth and evokes you with life-force energy. Use Aragonite for


  • Clarity on your identity and personality
  • Self-trust and reliance
  • Increases focus 
  • Grounding and centering your energy

Chakra healing stones collaborate with your intentions and spiritual practices to optimize your vitality. Work with each chakra one by one to get the most from your healing and energetic transmutation.


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