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Looking for a crystal that can help you find balance and attract positive energy into your life? Look no further than Agate! This beautiful crystal is revered as the Talisman of Health & Healing, and is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity to those who possess it. Agate is also said to give courage and strength in times of challenge, helping you face life's obstacles with grace and resilience. Whether you're seeking greater physical wellness, emotional stability, or a deeper connection to your spiritual path, Agate is an essential addition to any crystal collection.

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We take pride in carefully selecting, energetically cleansing, and shipping each crystal ourselves. By personally handling every step, we ensure that the crystals' vibrations remain high and pure, bringing you the best energy possible.

Agate Crystal FAQ


Agate crystal is celebrated for its balancing and harmonizing properties, making it a symbol of stability and inner strength. This versatile gemstone is believed to bring clarity, protection, and a sense of calm, making it a valuable addition to one's crystal collection.

Moss Agate is a captivating and grounding crystal, revered for its lush green patterns resembling moss-covered landscapes. This gemstone is prized for its harmonizing properties, believed to inspire growth, renewal, and a deeper connection to nature and one's surroundings.

Authenticity and quality is at our core. With decades spent with crystals and as a small business deeply rooted in the world of crystals, we're dedicated to sharing the healing and joy they bring. We value the energy of crystals and respect their origins.

We foster relationships with family-owned mines and mindful sources. This ensures each crystal resonates at its highest frequency when it reaches you.

Our focus remains on authenticity, energetic integrity, and sourcing the finest crystals and minerals from around the globe.

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Agate crystal offers a multitude of benefits, including balance, protection, and enhanced mental clarity. Its unique properties make it a sought-after gemstone for promoting emotional well-being and spiritual growth.