The Full Moon And New Moon For January 2022

The Full Moon And New Moon For January 2022

The Full Moon And New Moon For January 2022

A New Year is here! All the excitement and possibilities of a new beginning are on our doorstep. Now is a great time for manifestation and dreaming as we figure out our goals for the New Year. The first Lunation of the year is a Full Moon in Cancer on January 6, 2023, followed by a New Moon in Aquarius two weeks later on January 21, 2023.


The Full Moon in Cancer


There is a Full Moon in Cancer starting off this year. The Moon thrives in Cancer and feels most at home being in this position. Themes of nurturing, family, and inner emotional work are often prevalent with this Full Moon. 


It is an excellent time for everyone to connect with family and those closest to them. It can be a bit of a challenging time as Cancer is by nature a very emotional sign. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, many stuck situations amongst families can be released over this period. 


Aspirations and emotional manifestations are excellent during this transit!

As a result of this Full Moon, it would be very beneficial to focus on inner emotional work, amplify your personal relationships, and open both your Heart and Throat Chakras, so you may clearly and openly express what lies within you.

Full Moons can bring both happy and sad tears. Even if it may be scary for some people to allow this kind of release. Expression of emotions is natural, and it's a healthy way to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Full Moons in Cancer support us in releasing our (emotional) truth, breaking free from shame and self-restraint, and finding our true self. 


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Themes To Remember

  • Family connections, the past, remembrance, roots, emotional bonds


Crystals For The Full Moon in Cancer on January 6



  • Rose Quartz - Self-love, healing, unconditional love, peace, heart opening
  • Moon Stone - Chakra healing, intuition, psychic abilities, self-expression
  • Opal - Creativity, memory recall, connection, transformation

Ritual For The Full Moon In Cancer

The Full Moon in Cancer is considered a powerful energetic cleanse. This can release you of all kinds of energy that may be stuck to you, or perhaps help you shift baggage you need to let go of.


A very simple and easy ritual is called for on an intense Full Moon like the one in Cancer:


The Ritual 


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  1. Run yourself a bath on the evening of the Full Moon in Cancer
  2. Light a couple of candles to set the mood
  3. Place a couple of crystals around the bath to help center your energy
  4. Add some essential oils or bath salts to help you to relax and let go
  5. Get in the bath and simply soak all of your troubles away
  6. Think about everything you want to let go of and what you want to release
  7. Repeat the following five times “I wash all my troubles away with the power of the Full Moon in Cancer.”
  8. Once you are done, get out of the bath and be sure to journal whatever may have come up for you during this ritual because a moment of reflection may be necessary


The New Moon In Aquarius On January 21


The New Moon in Aquarius is such a fun and exciting moment to really start the New Year on a high. Aquarius is a positive sign that loves people and deals with themes of humanity and community. 


The spirit of this lunation is to create energy around your independence, friendships, communities, hopes, and aspirations. So this is really the best time to ask the Universe to bless you with extra magic to make all of your dreams come true. 


It is a great time to hang out with friends or involve yourself in some kind of charity. Philanthropy is rewarded with the spirit of the New Moon in Aquarius. The more you give, the greater gifts you receive from the Universe. 


This is the moment for you to be a team player and to involve yourself in groups. Perhaps it is time to reach out to new or old friends and work that social muscle to get you connected with the world around you.


Themes To Remember

  • Independence, friendships, communities, charity, humanity, technology

Crystals For The New Moon In Aquarius on January 21

amethyst crystal for the full moon


  • Amethyst - Intuition, mental clarity, connection to the divine, meditation, creativity, and insight
  • Garnet - passion, creativity, manifestation, willpower, courage, trust, truth, love
  • Hematite - Stability, protection, grounding, self-healing

Ritual For The New Moon In Aquarius

New Moon rituals are a lot of fun and the perfect time to harness manifestation magick into your life. This is a time of setting intentions and calling in your desires and what you want to see manifest. Dream big and claim what is yours. 


Here is a ritual you can follow to manifest your dreams over this New Moon in Aquarius:


Designing A Vision Board

Creating a vision board on the New Moon in Aquarius will really help to set your intentions for the New Year. Get a couple of friends together and make it a social, yet creative, and grounding affair. 


This is a beautiful way for you to really hone in on what you would like to manifest in 2023 as it will help you to get extremely clear on what your goals look like for the year ahead.  


What You Will Need

  • A big poster-size paper
  • Magazine clippings
  • Pens, scissors, and glue

The Ritual

  1. Get all your materials together
  2. Do some deep breathing as you hold on to a crystal to really help you ground and relax into the energy
  3. Think about your goals for 2023 and what you would like to achieve
  4. Start looking through magazines and cutting out images that inspire you for the year ahead
  5. Start designing your vision board by being as creative as you want to be
  6. Once you are done hang your vision board somewhere to remind you of all the goals you would like to manifest


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