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Astrology for October 2022 - What You Need to Know

The astrology of October brings us deeper into the themes that have been present in 2022 so far. This will be a month of profound, but subtle changes that can gently redirect the current course of our life path. In this article, we will explore the upcoming astrology you need to know as well as some of the best crystals for the astrological tides. 

Astrology of September 2022: What to Know

With the Equinox, Full Moon, and Mercury retrograde, the month of September 2022 has several major astrological happenings to keep in mind. Here is what you need to know and how to best align with the rhythmic tides of the celestial energies. Explore some of the best crystals for the transits plus a couple of rituals for how to partner with their magic. 

Lions gate portal - Time to manifest your desires

 The Lions Gate Portal is a time to align with your intentions and amplify your energy.

You can use this time for meditation, journaling, or just to get clear on what you want in your life. Remember that the universe is always working behind the scenes for you, and it will deliver your desires when it's the right time.


How to Cleanse & Charge your Crystals with the Full Moon

Why use moonlight with your crystals? 

The moon is a reflection of the sun’s light. It’s a feminine form of energy, a cool blue beacon shining in the darkness, filled with mystery and magic, helping you discern the answers that are hidden deep within. 


Best Crystals for the Leo Zodiac Sign

The Leo zodiac sign is known for being creative, bold, and generous. Associated with the heart, the Leo soul tends to be someone who is not afraid to speak their mind or express themselves as individuals. Here are some keywords to keep in mind for the Leo archetype:

Best Healing Crystals for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer season starts on June 21st,  lasting through July 22nd during which time the Sun will be passing through this watery and sensitive zodiac sign. Crystals can help you tap into the current energetic vibrations of Cancer. Here are the best healing crystals for this zodiac sign...

How to Use the Moon's Eight Phases to Live Your Best Life

While the sun receives a lot of attention when it comes to astrology, we tend to overlook the moon's role in our lives. The moon completes an entire cycle every 29.5 days. The moon's phases, from new to full, show where the moon is in its journey around the earth.

Astrology Books for Your Best Life

Astrology Books for Your Best Life Astrology has been used for ages to help us better understand ourselves. People's personality qualities and even difficulties may be gleaned from their birth chart by consulting the planets and...

Best Crystals for the Aries Zodiac Sign

The Sun traverses the zodiac sign of Aries from March 20th through April 19th. If you have Aries in your astrology chart or you want to be more in tune with the vibrations of Aries season 2022, then here are some crystals you can align yourself with. This article will cover the six best crystals for this fiery zodiac sign; pyrite, carnelian, citrine, tiger's eye, bloodstone jasper, and clear quartz.