The Full Moon And New Moon For November 2022

The Full Moon And New Moon For November 2022

The Full Moon And New Moon For November 2022

Eclipse season is almost over, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief as the intensity and dramatic changes start dwindling in November. However, the start of the month may feel a little heavy as we still have one Eclipse in Taurus that we need to contend with before we can embrace the expansive and optimistic energy of the New Moon in Sagittarius at the end of the month.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Taurus


There is an intensity to the air this month with the last Eclipse of the year taking place in Taurus on November 8. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is an energy accumulation around money, property and ownership. Themes of abundance, prosperity, finances or the lack thereof may come to the forefront with this Full Moon.


Eclipses act like super-powered Full Moons or New Moons. The events that unfold around Eclipse season can often be quite dramatic and life-altering. It can be seen as a course correction to realign your soul with your true destiny and purpose. It can feel quite heavy and incredibly challenging, but if you trust in the Universe, you’ll end up exactly where you are supposed to be.


The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is the last installment of the Eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio axis. This Eclipse may prove to be quite volatile as it is making a conjunction with Uranus, the planet known for its shakeups, upheavals, and shocking changes. A revolution might take place in your life right now, just take a deep breath and trust the Universe to guide you.


Remember that the earthy Taurus represents stability, security, money, food, sensuality, and everything we find comfort in. Taurus is very grounded and earthy energy. However, this Eclipse will shake our sense of security and safety. The things we depend on for comfort may be stripped away, and we may all need to find gratitude with less. Ask yourself, who would be without everything you own? 


Ultimately, this Lunar Eclipse is all about self-love and finding your worth without any external distractions. This is about realizing that you are good enough just as you are and that you don’t need anything to supplement your worth. Stop seeking the answers outside yourself and thinking everything will be perfect once you have achieved a certain goal or reached a milestone. Embrace love and appreciation for yourself in this moment. 


Themes To Remember

  • Self-love, acceptance, radical growth, prosperity, abundance, property, finances


Crystals For The Lunar Eclipse In Taurus On November 8

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  • Rose Quartz - Self-love, healing, unconditional love, peace, heart opening
  • Pyrite - Abundance, prosperity, protection, confidence
  • Malachite - Mother nature, grounding, healing, transformation

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Ritual For The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Taurus

It is generally accepted that any manifestation ritual under an Eclipse can be chaotic. The energy of this time is already so intense that rest is the only option! The energy is unstable and can lead to poor decision making so it is best to keep things simple. Use this Eclipse as a moment for reflection and introspection. 


Here are some ideas for you to make the most of the Lunar Eclipse:


Spend Time In Nature 

This ritual is used to help you ground and be more present whilst helping you let go and release from all the negative baggage you no longer need in your life. 


What You Will Need

  1. A crystal of your choice
  2. A notebook and a pen
  3. A quiet place in nature


The Ritual

  1. Gather your things and make your way into nature. 
  2. Find a quiet and comfortable space to sit in.
  3. Take your crystal of choice and hold it in your hand to help you ground and find healing in the process.
  4. Close your eyes and slowly start taking some deep breaths (find a rhythm that works for you)
  5. Visualize your connection to mother earth by imagining yourself growing roots into the ground. See yourself as a strong tree that is supported by the earth. 
  6. Start thinking about your fears and worries around things like money, abundance, and love and send these worries down to your roots and ask the earth to absorb this negative energy.
  7. Let your fears wash away and visualize yourself opening up and letting abundance, love, healing, and prosperity fill you up. 
  8. Thank mother nature for supporting and helping you ground. 
  9. Slowly open your eyes.
  10. Write down any thoughts and feelings that may have come up during this meditation. There are certain things you may want to remember for reference later. 


The New Moon In Sagittarius On November 23


We can breathe easy as the Eclipse season is finally over. What better way to celebrate this than with a fun and expansive New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23? New Moons are all about setting intentions, planting seeds, and manifesting your dreams and desires. This is a beautiful new beginning for everyone. 


Sagittarius is the sign of expansion, travel, spiritual growth, higher knowledge, adventures, luck, and risk-taking. This is the perfect time for you to plan a trip, express your freedom, and grab every opportunity that comes your way with enthusiasm and excitement. The possibilities are endless and it is time to get out of your comfort zone by dreaming big! 


This is a very special time because on the exact same day of the New Moon, Sagittarius’ ruling planet goes direct in Pisces after being in Retrograde for the last few months. This means that opportunity, blessings, and luck can flow a lot easier now.


You can afford to act a little recklessly at this moment, follow your intuition and don’t overthink too much. This is a time of inspiration and connecting to the Universe in a very playful and optimistic manner. This is the time to embrace your inner nomad and adventurer. 


Themes To Remember

  • Adventure, expansion, freedom, new beginnings, opportunities, travel, spiritual growth

Crystals For The New Moon In Sagittarius On November 23

  • Black Obsidian - Power, protection, intuition, confidence, courage, exploration
  • Carnelian - Vitality, creativity, upliftment, optimism, success, energy
  • Lapis Lazuli - Wisdom, communication, intuition, integrity, clarity, truth, strength

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Ritual For The New Moon In Sagittarius

New Moon rituals are a lot of fun and the perfect time to harness manifestation magick into your life. This is a time of setting intentions and calling in your desires and what you want to see manifest. Dream big and claim what is yours. 


Here is a ritual you can follow to manifest your dreams over this New Moon in Sagittarius:


Creating An Altar

Creating an altar in your home to honour Sagittarius's energies can help you manifest your dreams and desires. This is about creating a space in your home to help remind you of all the things you want to see manifest. 


What You Will Need

  • Crystals, herbs, colours, and plants that correspond with the sign of Sagittarius (use whatever you have access to)
  • A purple, blue, or green altar cloth
  • Pictures, poems, symbols, or religious scriptures that hold meaning for you
  • Candles
  • The Temperance Tarot card or a printed picture thereof

The Ritual

  1. Find a space in your home where you can set up a devotional altar
  2. Place the altar cloth on a small table or chair of your choice
  3. Decorate the space in whatever way you see fit by placing the crystals, herbs, candles, and pictures around the space
  4. Once your altar has been set up you can use this as a devotional space for you to do your prayers, meditations, visualisations, or journaling



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