What Numerology Says About 2022

What Numerology Says About 2022

What Numerology Says About 2022 

Numerology is the art of reading the significance of numbers and numerical patterns. Every year adds up to a Universal Year Number that vibrates with a particular energy that is echoed throughout the year ahead. 


The numerical divinatory art of 2022 can bring us illumination and allow us insights into channeling more collective meaning for everyone. The Universal Year Number provides us with tools for tapping into the co-creative potential of the unfolding universe of which we are all part. 

How do you calculate a Universal Year Number?

The Universal Year Number is calculated by adding up the numbers in the year, like this:


For 2022 it would be 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6 


The numbers add up to 6, which provides us with the starting point for our interpretation of what 2022 holds for us. In numerology, the numbers 1 through 9 each carry quintessential information. Therefore you can break down important number sequences, birthdates, and other combinations of digits that can reveal the underlying current of meaning. 


You can go back through the past years and see how the numbers’ frequency aligns to events either personally or more collectively. For example, last year in 2021 we were in a Universal Year Number of 5, which would be calculated like this: 


2021 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5. You can also look ahead to future years to see what energy is already preparing to be birthed into existence, so for 2023, we will be going into a year of 7. 

Master Numbers 

It is important to note that in the practice of numerology some numbers are not broken down, called master numbers. These are repeating numbers including 11, 22, 33, etc. So if we are calculating the Universal Year Number, and it added up to an 11, we would not break that down further to a single digit as we normally would with any other double digit combination. 


Master numbers hold mystical significance and represent deep spiritual vibrations. If a Universal Year Number were to be one of these numbers then we could anticipate beautiful consciousness awakenings to be a part of the collective conversation over the course of that year. 

Numerology in Light of Past Years

Let’s explore the numerology of 2021 and 2020 to be able to put this year into context. 2021 had a Universal Year Number of 5. A 5 in numerology can symbolize facing challenges and obstacles. These themes would have brought in opportunities to re-organize thought patterns through paradigm shifts and personal emotional processing as well as overcoming difficulties. 


A review of 2020’s Universal Year Number 4, would take these themes a step further. The number 4 represents foundations, family, and resources. This would have brought these themes into the present consciousness, allowing for space to re-calibrate relationships to work, time, and how stability is forged within the context of our lives and communities. 

The Numerology of 2022: Universal Year Number of 6 

So with 2022 being a 6, what can we expect? In numerology, the number 6 is symbolic of: 


  • Compassion
  • Warmth
  • Balance
  • Harmony 
  • Artistry 
  • Wellness 
  • Service
  • Kindness


Six resonates with the experience of finding peace, harmony, and collective understanding. It is balanced and represents temperance. In contrast to last year, we can expect 2022 to hold smoother energy and feel less like an uphill challenge. 


This year will focus much more on community building and partnering. With 6 being able to be divided into the potent numbers of both 2 and 3, there is a lot of symbolism packed into this number. 


Three represents groups coming together with a shared vision, desire, or cause, braiding together different streams of thought into one. And 2s represent coupling or working one-on-one for experiencing centeredness, grounding, and presence. 

Deconstructing 2’s Symbolism: Partnerships 

Let’s go deeper into the 2s which are a repeating pattern in 2022. Repeating numbers are sometimes referred to as Angel numbers but can be thought of more broadly as spiritual messages or synchronicities of the symbolic language of the universe. 


With so many 2s in 2022, we can anticipate a year ripe with joint projects, collaborations, and working together. Then when we weave in the Universal Year Number of 6 these shared endeavors will be filled with generous intentions, enthusiasm, and care. 


This is a year when long-term relationships can take root, both romantic, platonic, and the like. Close connections can form, best friendships can become key spaces for sharing inspiration, self-expression, healing, and love. 


You can expect to feel more empowered to forge long-lasting bonds with the people in your life. In addition, expect increased energy to be shared within families or chosen family circles. All of the relationships in our lives have an opportunity to deepen over 2022. The numerology indicates that closeness and being together are key themes running through this cycle. 


Business or social partnerships can become more prominent. There will be a sense of growing awareness around the community and the themes of support, growth, and the potential for working together with purpose. 


In addition to this, you can also anticipate reworking the relationship you have to the material world, including such things as your living environment and the items you surround yourself with. You can form connections with your gemstones or other spiritual tools this year, partnering with their energies for increased support and wellness. 

Dipping into the Well of Nourishment: Spirituality of 2022

The number 6 is watery and dreamy while also being invigorating and refreshing. It is life-giving and allows for cycles of stability that bring in joy and abundance through dedication. The gifts of number 6 don’t necessarily fall into our laps but can be accessed in a devotional sense through tenderness, care, and balance. 


This teaches us the lessons of self-care, but a self-care that is not about perfection, but of deep soul and physical nourishment. Consider what your spiritual medicine is in 2022. Look deep within the well of your being to understand what you need to feed your soul and those around you. 

This Year and Beyond

Next year will be a year of 7, which is a number that is sacred to many spiritual traditions. We can prepare the groundwork for this upcoming energy signature by remaining mindful of how cycles flow in the present moment. Consider more deeply diving into the numerology themes of 2022 through the embrace of the Universal Year Number of 6. 


By practicing a heart of awareness of the current energies, we are learning to be more attuned to the natural rhythms of nature and the universe. Having a depth year with the number 6 will prepare us for what gifts that 7 holds for next year. 


The cycle of numbers is not stagnant, all of the numbers will take a turn about the wheel again and again, just as Earth moves around the Sun or the Sun appears to move through the zodiac signs in astrology. Numerology can bring us into harmony with our inner being within the broader context of existence, helping align us to the cyclical nature of sacred numbers. 


Overall, 2022’s numerology indicates that this year will be one of compassionately sharing your energy in community with others. Each person will be a unique thread in the tapestry of vision that is being woven at this present time. 


Become more aware of how you bring in a sense of harmony, warmth, and balance into the spaces you move within, whether that is at work, with family, community, or the world at large. This is a time for increased health, wellness, and dedication to sharing collective love and care. 






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