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crystals.com was born out of a vision to heal with some of our planet’s most precious natural elements. For centuries, Earth’s inhabitants have used crystals and color therapy for their healing properties. Just as every stone has its own therapeutic function, each color has its own wavelength and energy frequency, stimulating different parts of the brain. It was a passion for sharing the knowledge and beauty of this therapeutic practice that led our founder Brittany Roughton to create crystals.com. A photographer by trade, a practitioner of art and healthy living by passion, and a pursuer of spiritual wellness by calling, Brittany has nurtured a lifelong fascination with alternative healing through crystals, reiki, and sound. As a child, her mother would gift her sacred stones in the mail with notes on their healing properties, later inspiring her to put together crystal kits aligned with specific healing needs.

Today, crystals.com is a small, women-run business based in Los Angeles, California. Our aim is to provide a trustworthy, online source for high-calibre healing crystals. We believe in the power of crystals as daily tools to practice balance of mind, body, and spirit, which is why each crystal is hand-selected and energetically cleansed with care to ensure their utmost quality and readiness. We do what we do with the intention of empowering others to ground themselves through meaningful rituals. Whether you use our crystals to heal, protect, or inspire, we hope that they can serve as a tangible reminder of your own intentions to experience wellness and abundance.

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