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Explore our exquisite Larimar collection, featuring rare and mesmerizing blue gemstones sourced exclusively from the Dominican Republic. Known for its stunning azure hues and captivating patterns, Larimar is a cherished addition to any gemstone enthusiast's collection. Each piece in our curated selection showcases the unique beauty and allure of this rare silicate mineral, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a touch of Caribbean elegance.

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Larimar is a rare blue variety of the mineral pectolite, exclusively found in the Dominican Republic. It is prized for its captivating blue hues with white or gray marbling patterns and is commonly used in jewelry for its unique beauty.

Larimar is found exclusively in the Dominican Republic, primarily around the city of Barahona. This rare blue variety of pectolite is mined from volcanic rock deposits and is known for its stunning azure hues and unique marbling patterns.

Larimar is believed to promote tranquility, relaxation, and communication, making it sought after for its metaphysical properties. It is often used in jewelry as a means to enhance spiritual and emotional well-being.

Yes, Larimar is considered rare as it is found only in one location in the world, the Dominican Republic, specifically around the city of Barahona. Its limited availability contributes to its value and desirability in the gemstone market.