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Chrysocolla Tumbled

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Choose your size from the drop down menu. Comes with a chrysocolla crystal collectors card.

Origin : Peru. Small- 10 grams, Large 30 grams


Discover the transformative power of Chrysocolla, a sacred gemstone that invites you to delve deep into the well of lived experiences. As you hold this mystical crystal, feel its gentle energy enveloping you, guiding you towards a path of inner wisdom and strength.

Chrysocolla serves as a beacon of light on your journey, illuminating the way with its divine teachings. It emphasizes the power and beauty of gentleness, urging you to embrace a state of tranquility and understanding in all aspects of life. As a companion to the archetype of the wise woman, Chrysocolla channels the potent force of the sacred feminine, empowering you to tap into your innate wisdom and intuition.

Harnessing the healing properties of Chrysocolla, you can mend bonds fractured by impulsive actions, restoring harmony and balance to your relationships. This crystal gently soothes fears of isolation and introversion, nurturing the depths of your soul and fostering a sense of inner peace. With Chrysocolla by your side, you can confidently share your knowledge and experiences with others, knowing that your words carry the weight of wisdom and insight.

To fully experience the transformative energy of Chrysocolla, place it on or near your heart chakra, located at the middle of your upper chest. This sacred placement enhances communication and facilitates the sharing of wisdom and knowledge with clarity and compassion. Musicians and performers will find Chrysocolla to be a valuable ally, grounding them in their intuitive selves as they hone their creative talents.


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