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Blue Lace Agate Mini Slab

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Agates are a type of chalcedony that comes in various colors and patterns. Agate is a grounding stone. Use this stone to balance your aura and help you achieve a state of mental clarity. It can assist you in exploring your spirituality.

Approximatley 2-3 inches. Comes with an agate crystal collectors card. 

Uncover the serene qualities of Blue Lace Agate, a captivating blue crystal renowned for its calming effects and connection to the third eye and throat chakras. As a calming crystal, Blue Lace Agate promotes balance and healing, enhancing intuition and creativity. It acts as a protective shield against negative energies, keeping the mind clear and tranquil. Embrace the soothing energies of Blue Lace Agate to foster clarity and communication, releasing tension and promoting emotional well-being.

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