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Caramel Calcite polished Face 7 inch

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Dimensions : 7 x 4 x 2  inches. Weight : 1lbs,

Experience the mesmerizing allure of the Caramel Calcite Freeform, sourced directly from Mexico and available exclusively at This exquisite crystal specimen showcases caramel calcite's natural beauty and unique qualities in an extraordinary extra large size.

Handcrafted with precision and care, this freeform piece of caramel calcite is a true masterpiece of nature. Its stunning caramel hues and intricate patterns make it a captivating addition to any crystal collection or a statement piece in your home decor.

With its warm and inviting tones, Caramel calcite radiates positive energy and gentle vibrations. It is known for promoting emotional healing, nurturing feelings of self-worth, and fostering a sense of inner peace and harmony.

Whether used during meditation, energy healing practices, or simply displayed as a decorative accent, this extra large caramel calcite freeform is sure to bring a touch of natural elegance and tranquility to your space.

Orange and yellow calcite stones have distinct metaphysical properties that can enhance various aspects of your life. Here are some of the metaphysical benefits associated with these calcite stones:

  1. Creativity and Inspiration: Orange and yellow calcite stones are believed to stimulate creativity and inspire innovative thinking. They can help you tap into your artistic abilities, unleash your imagination, and overcome creative blocks.

  2. Energy and Vitality: These calcite stones are associated with boosting energy levels and promoting a sense of vitality. They can help uplift your spirits, enhance motivation, and provide a much-needed energy boost when you're feeling sluggish or fatigued.

  3. Confidence and Self-Esteem: Orange and yellow calcite stones are believed to instill confidence and enhance self-esteem. They can support you in developing a positive self-image, overcoming self-doubt, and embracing your personal power.

  4. Joy and Positivity: These stones radiate warm, vibrant energies that promote feelings of joy, happiness, and optimism. They can assist in shifting your mindset to focus on the brighter side of life, encouraging a positive outlook and attracting positive experiences.

  5. Emotional Healing: Orange and yellow calcite stones are known for their emotional healing properties. They can assist in releasing stagnant emotions, promoting emotional balance, and supporting a healthy expression of feelings.

  6. Manifestation and Abundance: These calcite stones are believed to be powerful manifestation tools. They can amplify your intentions, attract abundance, and help you manifest your desires into reality.

  7. Solar Plexus Activation: Yellow calcite, in particular, is associated with the solar plexus chakra. It can help activate and balance this energy center, enhancing your personal power, self-confidence, and assertiveness.

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