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Chrysocolla Rough 4 inch

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Will receive exact crystal shown here Comes with a chrysocolla crystal collectors card.
Approx dimensions : 4x3 inches. Origin : South Africa. Freee US Shipping



WHY • Delve into the wisdom born from life's experiences, embracing a divine teaching role. Highlight the strength found in gentleness, fostering peace and understanding. Chrysocolla serves as a mystical guide, embodying the sacred feminine and empowering the wise woman archetype.

HOW • This healing crystal aids in repairing bonds fractured by impulsive actions, restoring natural spontaneity. It alleviates fears of isolation and introversion, nurturing the development of the inner soul. Chrysocolla instills confidence in sharing knowledge for the benefit of others.

WHERE • Position chrysocolla on or near the heart chakra to enhance communication centered around sharing wisdom, knowledge, and experience. Ideal for musicians and performers, chrysocolla grounds its guardian in intuition during creative pursuits. Keep it close while engaging in generative practices of any kind.</p>

MANTRA • I gently mold with the power of my wisdom.

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