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Green Opal freeform 5 Inch

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Green opal freeform, 6 x 3Inch 

Will receive exact piece shown, come with a green opal crystal collectors card. Origin : Madagascar 


WHY • To tap into messages of guidance. To see what will be. To tune emotional energy, releasing tension into healing. Green opal helps its guardian come to terms with the past, flowing through life’s changes to land gently in the present.

HOW • This crystal refracts auric vibrations to multiply their intensity. Focusing its powers on rejuvenation and regrowth, green opal works to lighten the load of the heart. Use of this stone sets an intention for rebirth, calling forth healing of illnesses and a softening of energetic barriers.

WHERE • Green opal can be used on or around the heart chakra (middle of upper chest) to provide a receptive environment for healing vibrations. Keep it around your home to root your intentions in family and your own sacred traditions.

MANTRA • I thank the past and move forward.

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