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Hematite Golden Rutile Mini Specimen

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Hematite Golden Rutile Mini Specimen

Origin:  Brazil

Appox dimension : 2 x3 inch. 68 grams

Elevate your crystal collection with our exquisite Hematite Golden Rutile Mini Specimen! Radiating with golden rutile inclusions, this captivating piece showcases the harmonious fusion of hematite's grounding energy with the transformative properties of rutile. Each specimen is uniquely crafted by nature, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to your crystal arsenal.

Harnessing the protective vibrations of hematite and the illuminating qualities of golden rutile, this mini specimen is perfect for enhancing spiritual growth and personal empowerment. Whether you're seeking to amplify your manifestation rituals or cultivate a deeper connection with the universe, this stunning specimen is sure to inspire and uplift.

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