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Inca Aroma Frankincense Incense 90 Minute

Inca Aroma Frankincense Incense 90 Minute

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Handcrafted, non-toxic, all natural incense.

Also known as "frankincense" or "true incense", the Frankincense is considered by many to be the "original incense", since it was the first resin to be used by mankind for the production of incense and smoke.
The Frankincense is present in the history of several civilizations, always related to sacred rituals of spirituality and meditation. Its resin is obtained from some plants of the genus Boswelia, existing in both Africa and Asia.
At the time of the Hebrews, Olibanus, along with gold and myrrh, was one of the gifts of the three wise men offered to the baby Jesus. But it was not just the Jews who considered it sacred. Roman emperors also used it in a series of rituals and ceremonies, like Nero, who would have used it in burning rituals for a year in a row, after the funeral of his wife, Poppaea. Indians, Persians, Arabs, Chinese and other people have also made and still use the herb, known for its mild and balsamic fragrance, with citrus and camphor touches and an odor that remains in the air for a long time.

The box contains 4 incense sticks.
Each rod burns for approximately 90 min.
Careful and artisanal manufacture.
Natural, Handmade and Therapeutic Incense

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