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Inca Aroma Myrrh Incense

Inca Aroma Myrrh Incense

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Handcrafted, non-toxic, all natural incense.


 Frankincense and Myrrh have been loved since Biblical time, they have several benefits and have a mystical, healing and transforming essence.Notes of white breu resin, frankincense, cedarwood

Box contains 4 incense sticks.
Each rod burns for approximately 90 min.
Careful and artisanal manufacture.
Natural, Handmade and Therapeutic Incense
Non-toxic, made with organic materials

•  If you want to burn it for less time, you can put it off by gently removing the burning part. Light it back on whenever you want!

• We recommend ceramic, metal or glass dishes to burn them safely. Avoid wooden dishes.

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