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Lemurian Cluster

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Comes with a lemurian quartz crystal collectors card. Will receive exact crystal show.
79  grams.

Revered as "Lemurian star seeds," these quartz crystals are steeped in the mythology of Lemuria, an ancient civilization. Programmed by our cosmic ancestors, Lemurian Clusters are entrusted to humanity to elevate consciousness and foster harmony among beings.

Embrace total balance and harmony as Lemurian quartz removes psychic blockages and heals wounds of inadequacy and loneliness. This powerful healing stone encourages connection with guides and guardian angels, guiding you towards spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Enhance your dream work by placing this crystal by your bed or on lay on your body before you sleep. Activate your psychic vision and unlock the mysteries of the subconscious realm, allowing profound insights and spiritual guidance to unfold.

Repeat the mantra "I am wholly integrated with the psychic power of my dreams" to amplify the transformative energies of Lemurian Cluster and align with your highest spiritual potential.

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