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Yukari Long Green Ceramic Incense Holder

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A long green ceramic incense holder with a matte and glaze finish. Can be used with most bamboo stick incense, as well as Japanese style incense. Each holder has been carefully hand-crafted in a studio with a 100-year history in the pottery town of Seto, Japan.

Simple, but aesthetically pleasing, these pieces have a craft-like feeling that is unique to ceramics. Its long length allows it to be used with most Bamboo Stick Incense and Japanese Style Incense. Together with the fragrance of incense, let these holders bring life and color into your interior space.

The incense holder has a historical Genji incense crest design carved into it. (“Genji-koh” is one type of incense game in which participants have to smell and guess the incense material. Each of the 52 patterns were named after a chapter in the ‘Tale of Genji’). Together with the fragrance of incense, the holder will bring life and color into your interior space. The icon marked on each stand represents the Japanese word "Go-en (ご縁)" which translates to "fate."

- Made in Japan

1 3/4 x 8 3/8 x 1/2 inches

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