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Love Kit

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Love Kit

Rose Quartz Point, Selenite, Rainbow MoonstoneRhodonite.

These crystals have been curated to inspire soothing frequencies and allow love to flow in.

Each kit comes in a crystals box, a collector card for information on each stone, along with a pouch for your crystals.

Rose quartz is among the sweetest of the healing crystals, reminding its guardian that all great love stories begin with compassion for the self.

Selenite brings mental clarity to its guardian, allowing for the release of intellectual and psychic limitations. It creates a calm and tranquil space for you to access prosperity and protection from unseen realms.

Rainbow moonstone helps its guardian become comfortable in their own feminine power, inspiring the magic of intuition to come out and play.

Rhodonite is a high-vibration tool of the heart chakra, lending its guardian the potential to transcend situations involving anxiety, chaos, and unexpected emotions.

Each crystal is one of a kind due to its formation in nature. Color, shape and size will vary slightly, making each crystal unique

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