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Mixed CHAKRA Crystal Pyramid

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The Chakra Pyramid is a unique gemstone talisman, handcrafted in Peru. Each pyramid is carefully layered with a combination of various crystals, creating an unqiue stone that is sure to add supreme energy to your life. The pyramid will harmonize the energies in your home or office, providing clarity and balance in any space.

Each pyramid has its own individual vibe that will resonate with your energy field. No two Chakra Pyramids are alike. The pyramid you receive has been hand-selected for your needs! .

Chakras are the seven centers of energetic and spiritual power in the body. The goal of our chakra pyramid is to align these energy centers so that your body can have a more balanced, clear and stabilized frequency.

Crystal variations; Rhodonite, Serpentine, Onyx, Aragonite, Angelite, Calcite, Amethyst, Sodalite, Jade, and more!

2.25 sq inch base, approx 200grams.

Learn more about balancing your chakras on our blog here.. 

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