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Neon UV Reactive Calcite, Pyrite + Quartz Specimen

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Neon UV Reactive Fluorite with Pyrite and Quartz from Peru

Abundance and Amplification in One Stunning Crystal, One of a kind specimen, will receive this exact stone.

Discover the magic of our Neon UV Reactive Fluorite with Pyrite and Quartz, ethically sourced from the renowned Huanzala Mine in Peru. This breathtaking crystal is not only a visual marvel but also a powerful tool for attracting abundance and amplifying energy.

Key Features:

  • Neon UV Reactive Fluorite: Glows vibrantly under UV light, creating a mesmerizing display.
  • Pyrite Inclusions: Adds a touch of brilliance and attracts wealth and prosperity.
  • Quartz Accents: Enhances the energy and healing properties of fluorite and pyrite.
  • Ethically Mined: Sourced responsibly from the Huanzala Mine.


  • Attract Abundance: Pyrite and fluorite combine to draw prosperity into your life.
  • Amplify Energy: Quartz boosts the crystal’s overall power, perfect for setting intentions and manifesting goals.

Perfect For:

  • Home Decor: Adds a mystical, glowing touch to any room.
  • Meditation: Enhances focus and deepens your practice.
  • Energy Work: Promotes balance and amplifies healing energies.

Bring home the enchanting glow and powerful energy of our Neon UV Reactive Fluorite with Pyrite and Quartz. This unique piece from the Huanzala Mine is more than just a crystal—it's a beacon of abundance and amplification.

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