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Pink Halite 4 inch

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Pink halite crystal, rare find from California!
Comes with a pink halite crystal collectors card. Will receive exact crystal shown.
4  x 3 x 2 inch, 370 grams.


WHY • To fill one’s being with the divine power of self-acceptance. To ground the experience of the earthly plane in total, all-encompassing love. To remind our hearts of their home. Much of our discomfort with uncertainty lies in a lack of acceptance. Pink halite allows us to settle into external experiences of unknowing with the confidence of inner peace. 

HOW • Pink halite is a special healing tool for those struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem. This healing stone encourages emotional blockages and tensions to rise, so they can be washed away in the pink glow of all-consuming love. Pink halite restores those impacted by inner suffering and indecisiveness, giving them permission to move forward guided by love and light.

WHERE • Keep pink halite on and around your heart, carrying it with you throughout the day to remind your most powerful energy center of its destiny of love. Place it wherever you feel the physical manifestations of emotional tension, envisioning warm light dissolving any memories of past pain.

MANTRA • My frozen heart thaws in the pure, warm glow of sacred love.

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