Astrology for January 2023 - What You Need to Know

Astrology for January 2023 - What You Need to Know

Astrology for January 2023 - What You Need to Know

The astrology of January 2023 will awaken creativity, spiritual insight, and community-mindedness. Here are the major transits happening and the best gemstones to work with for each one to support you in harnessing and connecting with the present energies. 

Dates to Highlight

January 2nd - Venus enters Aquarius 

January 6th - Full Moon in Cancer

January 12th - Mars retrograde ends

January 18th - Mercury retrograde ends

January 20th - Sun enters Aquarius

January 21st - New Moon in Aquarius

January 26th - Venus enters Pisces


One of the biggest archetypal energies we will experience this month is the sign of Aquarius. This zodiac sign is known for being innovative, a visionary, and a change-maker. They tend to be on the cutting edge of where things will go next while centering on community and big-picture, long-term themes.


As the month starts off with Venus entering Aquarius on the 2nd, there will be an abundance of creative energy both personal and collective. Then later in the month, the New Moon aligns in Aquarius, helping refresh and renew anything still lingering from the end of 2022. 


And with that, let's get into the details of each transit!

Venus enters into Visionary Aquarius

Key Themes: The avant-garde, eccentric creativity, open-mindedness, unique self-expression

carnelian crystal meaing


Crystals for Venus in Aquarius from January 2nd-January 26th

  • Carnelian - balance, vitality, abundance, creativity 
  • Lapis Lazuli - self-expression, beauty, active listening, Throat Chakra clearing
  • Yellow Calcite - confidence boosting, self-worth, optimism


Starting on January 2nd, ideas can be generated that can take you to the next level in your creativity, a goal, or other aspirations you are working towards. You can feel more inventive and ready to invite new ideas and brainstorming sessions into your planning. It can be an energizing time to express yourself and work with others in collaborative settings to make changes and implement new ideas. 

Yellow calcite is a crystal that can help enhance your work, especially if you are a creative, visionary, or writer. Carry this gemstone with you for the month and see how confident you feel in achieving your projects, goals, and dreams. Set a piece in your workspace to invite optimism and enthusiasm into your life for the things you are doing or want to accomplish. 

The Full Moon in Intuitive Cancer

Key Themes: Spirituality, developing intuition, nurturing self-care, divination

blue calcite crystal for sale


Crystals for the Full Moon in Cancer on January 6th 

  • Selenite - spiritual openness, clearing, divine connections 
  • Pink Tourmaline - self-love and care, sweet and supportive friendships, inviting love into your life
  • Blue Calcite - healing, intuition, balancing spiritual gifts and energy


This Full Moon in Cancer will be a deeply spiritual time and one that is potent with heightened sensitivity, precise intuition, and generous empathy. This sign is ruled by the Moon, which is symbolic of cycles, divination, and mysteries being unveiled. It is a great time to clear your spiritual tools using selenite or give your crystals a Moon bath on a windowsill in your home. 


It is also an excellent time to nurture yourself and your needs through some gentle self-care practices. Work with pink tourmaline or rose quartz to invite a sweet sense of self-love and acceptance. Or wear blue calcite as a way to bring balance to the entire emotional body, perfect for the feelings-oriented nature of watery Cancer. 


In addition, keep a piece of selenite with you while you sleep on the night of the Full Moon. This will sweep the energy around you and bring in insightful dreams and spiritual messages as you sleep. 

The Ending of Mars and Mercury Retrogrades

Key Themes: Epiphanies, breakthroughs, forward momentum, intention setting, clarity 

citrine crystal meaning


Crystals to mark the end of Mars and Mercury Retrogrades on January 12th and 18th

  • Citrine - creativity, vitality, energizing inspiration, vision, clear intentions
  • Fluorite - balance, healing, focus, calmness, re-setting agendas
  • Malachite - protection during transitions, productivity, deflects negativity 


Since October 31st, Mars has been in retrograde, slowing down motivation and creating some minor obstacles. This cycle will end on the 12th of the month, giving way to a sigh of relief and feeling energy, drive, and vitality return. Personal vision and intentions will be re-invigorated and you can feel compelled to take action!


Then on the 18th, Mercury will also end a retrograde cycle, further supporting momentum and helping clean up things that might have gone awry recently. Fluorite is an excellent crystal to have during these transits to make the most of the returning balance and flow. 


In addition, malachite and citrine can also support the fresh energy that will come in following these transits. You can work with these stones to help enhance your creativity and generate ideas as well as all types of creative endeavors. It is a great time to network, make moves, and set solid intentions for your life. 

The Aquarius Sun and the Clarifying New Moon 

Key Themes: Progress on long-term goals, collective vision, healing, innovation

onyx crystal meaning



Crystals for the Sun entering Aquarius on January 20th and the New Moon on the 21st

  • Onyx - drive, motivation for positive change, enacting a vision
  • Sodalite - clear mind and direction, peace, inspiring communication
  • Angelite - eases anxiety, spiritual awareness, productive conversations, kind intentions


The Sun leaves earthy Capricorn and enters airy Aquarius on the 20th of the month, which is immediately followed up by the New Moon on the 21st. These potent transits bring in refreshed energy and vision. This zodiac sign supports the parts of yourself that can make plans for the long term as well as recognize how the various pieces of your life all fit and work together. 


There can be a heavy emphasis on collective needs, humanitarian projects, and innovations for an evolving world. Some great crystals for keeping your perspective during this time are sodalite and Angelite, which you can meditate with or just hold onto as you go through your activities. 


As innovative inspiration tends to be awakened by the New Moon on the 21st, consider bringing onyx along with you for a journaling or brainstorming session to work with the current energy. This crystal can help you create realistic plans for how to put ideas into motion. 

Venus enters Dreamy Pisces

Key Themes: Healing, visions, dreaming, crystal healing, self-care, imagination, the sublime

quartz crystal meaning



Crystals for Venus in Pisces from January 26th-February 19th

  • Clear Quartz - amplifies healing energy, enhances direction, magic, and spirituality  
  • Opal - emotional balance, opening, creative expression
  • Rainbow Moonstone - psychic shield, supports intuition, enhances lucid dreaming


Nearing the end of the month, the forward momentum brought on by Aquarius energy will settle for a moment with Venus entering into wanderlust-loving Pisces. Actions can be tempered by taking your time and ensuring your approach to life is deliberate, thoughtful, and nuanced. 


This dreamy and mystical transit brings out your spiritual sides as well as opens up artistic skills, imagination, and intuition. Pisces is associated with healing, making this a great time to work with crystals for their healing gifts. Work with clear quartz during this time to bring balance to your energy field and chakras. 


Artistry is also amplified while Venus is in Pisces, supporting your self-expression through fashion, dance, performance, painting, music, and more. People will tend to be more experimental during this time, trying on new things and exploring beyond the edges of their creativity. Wearing an opal or a rainbow moonstone can help you open up and explore new sides of yourself under this sublime Venusian transit. 

The Takeaway 

This month moves us from the practical and grounded into experiences that are characterized by the unexpected, the experimental, and the mysterious. Connecting with your communities becomes more prominent near the end of the month, with added space for collective healing and envisioning. As the imaginal and abstract realms begin to take up more room, consider the creative, spiritual, and unique ways you can express yourself this January. 


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