Astrology for November 2022 - What You Need to Know

Astrology for November 2022 - What You Need to Know

Astrology for November 2022 - What You Need to Know

November 2022 brings with it powerful moments of change, paving the way for personal and collective transformation. Let’s get into the details of what this month has in store as well as some crystal practices you can do to best harness the current energy. 

Dates to Highlight

November 8th - Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 

November 16th - Venus enters Sagittarius

November 17th - Mercury enters Sagittarius

November 21st - Venus and Mercury are conjunct in Sagittarius 

November 22nd - Sun enters Sagittarius

November 23rd - New Moon in Sagittarius


Starting with a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in grounded Taurus on the 8th we will be brought into deeper layers of understanding of self. There is space to see where personal growth is ready to unfold and making meaning can be prioritized. Then as we move further into the month, several planets will enter spirited Sagittarius starting with Venus on the 16th. This marks an enthusiastic period in which perspectives can expand and experiences can lead to broadening horizons. 

The Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 

Key Themes: Manifestation, tangible results, self-love and acceptance, relationship dynamics  

crystals for manifesting


Crystals for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 8th

  • Emerald - Aligning with your life’s work, discovering purpose, heart-opening
  • Rose Quartz - Being gentle with yourself, sweetness, self-love
  • Malachite - Manifesting desires, confidence, creativity

rose quartz crystal


The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse involve the zodiac signs of earthy Taurus and watery Scorpio. These energies combined support emotional depth as well as engaging with life on an experiential level. Taurus is about embodiment, sensory experiences, beauty, and pleasure in the physical world. Scorpio is associated with themes of finding meaning within experiences and going as deep as possible to get to the underlying spirit or truth of a matter. 


Eclipses shield some information while allowing other information and themes to rise to the surface. Therefore, some areas of life will take on new and clarifying meaning, while other aspects of a situation can seem more elusive or hidden from view.


During this time, you can become more attuned to unique talents, gifts, or abilities you were previously unaware of. Notice what areas of life seem to inspire and drive you to learn more. In the weeks following this eclipse, you can see new things coming together for you and becoming a more tangible part of your life. 


Self-Love Crystal Practice for the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 8th


One of the themes of this eclipse is deepening into self-love and acceptance, opening your heart, and having compassion and care for yourself. Here is a practice you can do to reinforce these themes in your life. 



  • A small green or pink crystal of your choice for the Heart Chakra (emerald, rose quartz, tourmaline, etc.)
  • A small drawstring bag, any color
  • A small bowl of sugar
  • Candle of your choice and matches 

love crystal pouch



  1. On the morning of the 8th gather your materials and set them out in front of you
  2. Light your candle 
  3. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths over your ritual materials
  4. Become aware of the ground beneath you and take a moment to tune into your body and the present moment 
  5. With eyes still closed, consider your journey with self-love, notice where you feel tender and where you might be in need of some gentleness, compassion, and sweetness for yourself 
  6. Next, set some intentions out loud or to yourself for how you would like to cultivate a heart of self-love 
  7. Stay in contemplation with your intentions as long as feels right for you, refining and imagining them rooting into your energetic heart space
  8. Take a few deep breaths over your ritual materials to seal your intentions 
  9. Open your eyes
  10. Place the crystal into the drawstring bag
  11. And sprinkle a tiny bit of sugar in as well for added energetic sweetness
  12. Then put out the candle
  13. Carry the bag with you for the day or as many days as you would like to remind you of your journey with self-love

palo santo candle


Venus and Mercury enter Sagittarius 

Key Themes: Expressing intellect, witty conversations, dreaming, adventures, new friends 


Crystals for Venus in Sagittarius on November 16th and 17th

  • Lapis Lazuli - Self-expression, Throat chakra, sharing inner wisdom, spiritual growth
  • Amazonite - Inspired by adventure, expansive mindset, protection
  • Green Aventurine New friendships, heart-centering, empathic connection building

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The 16th kicks off the start of a heavy dose of Sagittarius energy as Venus enters this sign. Venus symbolizes love, attraction, and beauty and when it is in fiery Sagittarius, we can expect passions – and temperments to run a bit hot. This is followed up by Mercury, the planet of communications and information exchange entering Sagittarius as well on the 17th. 


The two planets meet up on the 21st amplifying self-expression, confidence, and speaking your mind. Sagittarius is associated with ideas and intellect, which will tend to take up a lot of space in your conversations. Friendly debates are likely and philosophical discussions tend to be the order of the day. 


Embrace this moment as one to meet new friends, network, and enjoy some time in your social circles. Gatherings can be planned, travel can be decided upon, and all kinds of inspiration for the future can be had. 

Sun transits into Sagittarius 

Key Themes: Expansive life goals and vision, personal strengths and leadership, enthusiasm 


Crystals for Sagittarius Season November 22nd-December 21st

  • Sodalite - Clarity, seeking truth, study, learning, mind expansion 
  • Citrine - Direction, creativity, wonder and awe, inspiration, self-confidence
  • Tigers Eye - Feeling rooted, grounded, protected, impassioned 


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The brilliant Sun enters generous and boisterous Sagittarius on the 22nd joining communicative Mercury and harmonious Venus. This sparks brilliance, inspiration, and creativity. If you have been sitting on some skills or talents that you have been wanting to share, now will be the time. 


Your confidence in yourself will skyrocket and amazing opportunities will flourish when you put yourself out there and take a leap of faith. The candid and direct nature of Sagittarius’ energy can permeate everything that you do at this time, which helps build trust in yourself and your abilities. This fiery sign awakens your inner passion and calls you to step into your personal power.


You can feel a profound sense of meaning in your life’s path and plan. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is currently in ethereal Pisces, bringing an added layer of mysticism, wonder, and awe to your life. There can be a flavor of seeking, wandering, and discovering new layers of yourself in relation to your dreams, desires, and goals. 

New Moon in Sagittarius 

Key Themes: Dreams, a spirit of adventure, following inspiration, fresh starts


Crystals for the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd

  • Pyrite - Shields, protects, invites abundance, vitality, strength, empowerment  
  • Obsidian - Clearing negativity, re-set, protection, intuitive and psychic abilities 
  • Turquoise - Spiritual truth, being intentional, thoughtfulness, inner calm, stability 



The final big transit of the month is on the 23rd when the Sun and Moon align in Sagittarius for the start of the Lunar cycle. This coincides with Jupiter ending a retrograde period, meaning the last week of the month is fueled by expansion and growth. 


You can expect to physically travel during this time or decide on some places you would like to see or go to in the near future. This New Moon is an excellent time for setting thoughtful intentions about where you want to take things next in regard to personal growth, expansion, or learning.


Crystal Practice for the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd 


Dreams can become an important piece of the puzzle during this transit; pay attention to the direction you are being given through dream messages and images. They may have some clues if you are feeling stuck or unsure about what to follow through on following the Sagittarius New Moon. 


The list below offers some crystals and bedtime affirmations for tuning into your dreaming channels. Sleep with the crystal near you or under your pillow and repeat the phrase as you fall asleep to work on enhancing your dreams. 


  1. Blue Kyanite – “I remember what I experience in my dreams”
  2. Amethyst – “I am protected as I travel through the dreaming realms” 
  3. Herkimer Diamond - “I am a lucid dreamer, I encounter my eternal soul in my dreams”
  4. Lapis Lazuli - “I am guided by my inner wisdom into the dreaming channels”
  5. Labradorite - “I remember my dreams” 

The Takeaway 

This month brings us a wide range of experiences from the introspective Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on the 8th to the more outgoing and externally focused Sagittarius season. Crystals make an excellent support tool during these transits as you attune yourself to the mystical energies of the astrological weather.


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