Astrology for October 2022 - What You Need to Know

Astrology for October 2022 - What You Need to Know

Astrology for October 2022 - What You Need to Know

The astrology of October brings us deeper into the themes that have been present in 2022 so far. This will be a month of profound, but subtle changes that can gently redirect the current course of our life path. In this article, we will explore the upcoming astrology you need to know as well as some of the best crystals for the astrological tides. 

Dates to watch out for: 

October 2nd - Mercury retrograde ends

October 9th - Full Moon in Aries 

October 10th - Mercury enters Libra

October 23rd - Sun enters Scorpio 

October 24th - Venus enters Scorpio

October 25th - Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Scorpio

October 29th - Mercury enters Scorpio

October 30th - Mars retrograde begins in Gemini

The month starts off with the end of a Mercury retrograde cycle on the 2nd helping move things along that were stagnant from last month. We are then led right into an energizing Full Moon in Aries on the 9th followed up by a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th, which will be the major turning point of the month and potentially the year. Finally, we will end the month with Mars beginning a retrograde cycle where it will remain for the rest of the year. With that, let’s get into the details of what this all means! 

Mercury Retrograde Comes to a Close

Key Themes: Clarifying conversations, catching up on communications, re-establish routines


citrine crystal

Crystals to mark the end of Mercury retrograde

  • Citrine - brings clarity into your life, routines, habits, and choices
    • Amazonite - vivifies confidence and energizes stalled projects 
    • Lapis Lazuli - clear communication and awakens inner vision

    lapis lazuli

    We start the month off with a gift from the celestial spheres as Mercury retrograde comes to a close in the sign of Virgo. Logistics can be restored and any miscommunications that might have ensued over the previous few weeks can be cleared up. 

    This will be a time to re-establish routines and worry less about scrutinizing and scanning everything that you do for potential errors. Then on the 10th Mercury changes signs into Libra, polishing up our communications and enhancing the harmony within social connections, work settings, and online communities. 


    Full Moon in Aries Magic 

    Key Themes: Cerebral conversations, clarified intuition, passionate pursuits 

    Crystals to work with for the Full Moon in Aries on October 9th 

  • Clear Quartz - focused energy, intentions, and goals 
    • Carnelian - helps enhance life force, vitality, and physical health 
    • Amethyst - manifestation, spiritual awakenings, and self-development 

    amethyst crystal

    The primary themes of this Full Moon in Aries on the 9th are explorations in balancing your needs in relation to the needs of others, in love, work, family, and one-to-one relationships. This will be a time in which clarity and harmony can be sought within your interpersonal connections. Emotional awareness has space to stretch and passions have room to take root, be expressed, and declared to others in your life – ready to take shape, blossom, and grow. 

    A Manifestation Ritual for the Full Moon in Aries with Amethyst 


    • Amethyst crystal 
    • A small bowl of sugar
    • A small bowl of water
    • Candle of your choosing and matches


    1. Begin this ritual after Sunset and when the Moon has risen 
    2. Gather your materials and find a quiet space preferably near a window under the light of the Full Moon 
    3. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself and clear the space around you
    4. Light your candle with the matches to mark the start of the ritual
    5. Now pick up your amethyst and close your eyes
    6. Meditate with the amethyst, imagining your consciousness merging with the energy of the crystal 
    7. Focus on your Third Eye as you hold the amethyst and breath steadily in and out 
    8. After a few minutes have passed, ask yourself what is something you want to call into your life at this time
    9. Let the answer come to you through your intuition 
    10. Then open your eyes, and pick up a small pinch of sugar with one hand while holding the amethyst in the other
    11. Drop the sugar in the bowl of water and stir clockwise while dreaming of this thing coming into your life along with any accompanying emotions of how it would feel 
    12. Set the amethyst next to the bowl of sugar water
    13. Put out the candle and set the bowl of water and the amethyst next to it to sit overnight 

    Some Fierce Scorpio Energy 

    Key Themes: Deep connections, relationships, straightforward and truthful communications 

    Crystals to work with during Scorpio season October 23rd-November 22nd 

  • Malachite - generosity, passion, and heart-centered emotions
    • Obsidian - protection, grounding, and connecting with the spirit realm
    • Pyrite - creativity, abundance, and success
    • pyrite crystal meaning

    Themes surrounding the zodiac sign of Scorpio surface, again and again, this month. The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd, the same day that magnetic Venus also enters Scorpio. This will draw our attention to our deepest emotions, piercing insights, and investigative drives to understand life’s mysteries. 

    Then on the 25th will be the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio which further enhances this moment of potential to understand, seek, and search for meaning and purpose. The month ends with Mercury entering Scorpio on the 29th, bringing us into the spaces in between the words we exchange with others. We can sense the nuance woven within our interactions. 

    Diving Deeper into a Transformative Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 

    Key Themes: Opening of subtle awareness, deeper understanding of self and others 

    Crystals to work with during the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th

  • Black Moonstone - emotional calm, reduces stress and anxiety, and protection
    • Black Tourmaline - supports feeling grounded, rooted, and clear 
    • Blue Kyanite - spiritual growth, dreams, and direction
    • kyanite crystal

    The dynamic energy that comes through during an eclipse can tend to make life feel a bit unsettled for a time. This can lead to a desire to want to ‘fix’, change something, or take action in some way. However, an eclipse is not the best time to make a move. Instead, consider this a time to observe and ground. 

    During this Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio, you will have access to the depths of your psyche. You can explore what is beneath the surface and take it all in as information to be later understood and integrated. This is a time for letting seeds take root, and while not yet ready to blossom they are still being nourished deep within your soul.  

    Spiritual things to do during the New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th: 

    1. Meditate with black tourmaline or blue kyanite or both if you have them 
    2. Keep a piece of black moonstone in your pocket, bag, or near your bed
    3. Journal and keep a record of reflections that come up at this time
    4. Consider doing a divination practice, such as tarot, and record the results – then revisit the messages at the next New Moon on November 23rd 
    5. Drink ‘charged water’ – place a piece of obsidian or shungite crystal in a glass of water and leave for a few hours. Remove the crystal and drink the water

    Mars Retrograde Pumps the Brakes in Changeable Gemini

    Key Themes: Assessing where attention is going, physical self-care rituals, slower pace

    Crystals to work with while Mars is retrograde October 30th through January 12th, 2023 

  • Honey Calcite - increases strength, confidence, and clarity 
    • Smoky Citrine - provides structure, and stability while also being uplifting and energizing 
    • Tiger’s Eye - relieves stress, creates balance, and healthy vitality 

    smoky citrine crystal

    Mars begins a retrograde cycle on October 30th where it will remain through the rest of 2022. This cycle happens once every two years and tends to put a bit of a wrench in our plans. During this time, energy levels tend to be tempered and potentially slowed. While this can seem like a challenging time, it can also be seen as a period in which life has an opportunity to slow down and re-calibrate itself. 

    During this cycle, consider doing less, committing to fewer activities, and building in more space for downtime, rest, and self-care. However, if you do have to get a lot done, consider bringing along some supportive crystal allies including citrine, smoky citrine, tiger’s eye, and honey calcite for added energy and clarity! 

    The Takeaway 

    October is a unique mix of energy, starting out with social and outgoing Libra giving way to the sensitive and impassioned Scorpio. Over the month, notice how your energy can shift with the celestial tides. It is a great time to focus on close friends, family, and yourself. Just be and let the energies of the moment wash over you and bring some of your supportive crystal allies along the way. 



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