Crystals for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Crystals for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Crystals for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus


There is a special Full Moon in Taurus on November 19th that occurs under the frequency of a Partial Lunar Eclipse. During this time in particular there is an interesting mix of grounded and frenetic energy that is present. Typically, it is suggested that crystals be cleansed and charged under the light of the Full Moon. However, as this is a unique cycle there are some other things to consider. In this article, we will be exploring eclipse energy, the meaning of the Taurus Full Moon, and how to best care for yourself while using your crystals during this time. 

About the Full Moon in Taurus: The Beaver Moon 


  • Earthy
  • Heart-Centered
  • Sweet
  • Sensitive
  • Sensual 


The Full Moon in Taurus is a sensuous turning in the Lunar cycle. This zodiac sign is associated with pleasure and the body. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and therefore, is also associated with attraction, sweetness, affection, and self-care.  


Taurus also tends to be very rooted in the physical powers of the natural world. The Moon is associated with moods, emotions, and intuition. So when the Moon is transiting through this sign, sensory experiences in the body can feel heightened, such as psychic sensations such as getting chills down your spine or butterflies in your stomach. 


This Moon is also known as the Beaver Moon which has been inspired by the natural habits of beavers at this time of year. As we approach winter in the Northern hemisphere, beavers are getting their shelters set up. The Beaver Moon calls in the still period of the year and aligns with the grounded Taurus energy that is also present. 

blood moon


Things to consider during an eclipse when working with your crystals 

This Full Moon is a partial Lunar Eclipse, with 98% of the Moon being in shadow at its peak. The Moon also has a ruddy hue to it, adding Blood Moon to the list of titles this lunar cycle carries with it. Since ancient times astrologers have tracked the eclipses, noting that during these periods, certain things are hidden and other things are uncovered or revealed. With certain veils being lifted and other areas of life resting in shadow, it is a good idea to take care so as not to get overwhelmed by the potent yet nebulous forces. 


In the same way, you may also want to consider how your crystals may respond to these energies. Crystals pick up and store vibrations and if you put your crystals out under the Full Moon they are likely to absorb whatever is currently in this lunar bathwater. So, if you decide to put any crystals out under the Full Moon consider that they may take on some erratic energy. 


Eclipses are also times of change, so if you want to program a crystal to help you break out of a rut, then this can be a time to potentially get things moving again. Overall though, this Lunar cycle is best for focusing on self-care, energetic protection, and taking a pause. 

Practices for the Full Moon in Taurus 


So given the uncertain energies that come with this lunar cycle, it can be helpful to have practices and rituals to indulge in. Here are some suggestions for harnessing the energy as it is. 


  1. Increase self-care 


Let yourself catch up on some rest, take a bath, or do something you truly enjoy. Reduce expectations of yourself. Put your to-do list away for the day and take a breather from any responsibilities you are able to set aside for a minute. 




Be okay with resting in stillness, quiet your mind. Observe and listen by paying attention to the unique insights that can come through at this time. Hidden energies become more apparent and some beautiful and even out-of-the-ordinary spiritual experiences are also possible.  


3. Set Intentions


With the unique vantage point that comes in through this Moon, you can also set some intentions and fresh goals. As an earth sign, Taurus is associated with manifestation and making the things you desire tangible aspects of your life. 


Here is one way you can set your intention with a crystal during the Full Moon: 


Take a moment to consider what you want to call into your life. Then holding onto a clear crystal quartz piece close your eyes. Take a deep inhale while contemplating your intention and filling yourself with the feeling of this intention. Then breathe out while imagining this intention already having happened. And open your eyes. 

4. Keep protective crystals around 


Gemstones that carry protective and boundary-setting vibrations can help mitigate the frenetic lunar eclipse energy by creating a gentle barrier around your energy field. Some protective stones are explored in the section below. 

Five of the Best Crystals for the Lunar Eclipse and Taurus Blood Moon


It can be helpful during the Full Moon to align yourself with crystals that provide protection or cleansing. Eclipses tend to emphasize blind spots, and therefore things can get missed easily. Let’s explore these five crystals and how they can best support your self-care during this Full Moon. 





Key Phrase: Earthy mystic 


Labradorite is the earthy mystic of the crystal world. This stone contains both expansive spiritual energy and the grounding powers of the Earth. Having this stone around during an eclipse can help hold the potentially frenetic feelings that may arise. 


It is also an excellent crystal that can support spiritual or divination practices that you may be doing during the Full Moon. This can help dispel any adverse energies that may get in the way of your psychic flow. Sleeping with a piece of labradorite under your pillow can help on the night of the Full Moon in Taurus to bring in protective and peaceful energies to your rest. 






Key Phrase: Cleansing aura


Selenite is a cleansing stone that is associated with the Moon, making it the perfect vibrational tone for this time in the Lunar cycle. Clearing energetic clutter from your aura with selenite can be very healing and life-giving. In addition, you can also clear out spaces in your home or workspace. 


Take a selenite wand and wave it through your aura and around your living areas while imaging clear, flowing light being imbued into the space. Because of its self-cleaning ability, selenite tends to be shielded from eclipse energy, therefore, it is a great option when wanting to work with crystals during this time.  


Black Moonstone 

black moonstone


Key Phrase: Protective being 


Black moonstone contains both protective and lunar qualities, making it excellent for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. This crystal can help you to channel the energies of the Divine Feminine and Goddesses that are fierce protectors. These energies can be called into your life to empower you on your path. 


Wear a piece of black moonstone while meditating on calling in a protective energy shield around you. This stone blocks energy that could bring in bad vibes. Black moonstone is especially supportive for people who are empathic and therefore very sensitive to the energy, moods, and emotions of others. 


Smoky Quartz 

smoky quartz


Key Phrase: Grounding energy


Smoky quartz is a very clear and grounded crystal. It is especially supportive during this Full Moon as it can process, channel, and move energies around--mitigating any erratic effects from the celestial sphere. 


Have a piece of this stone in your bag or pocket or keep it near your electronics to help dissipate wayward energies that could interfere with your activities for the day. This stone also allows for ‘staticky’ feelings to be settled and therefore can be very helpful if you are feeling ‘wired’ under the rays of the Full Moon. 

Closing thoughts 


The Full Moon in Taurus is a beautiful period for rooting into oneself. Crystals are an excellent ally to keep with you during this time, especially ones that support grounding, cleansing, and dispelling intense Lunar energies. Use this time to get back in touch with yourself. Make space for self-care experiences that focus on sensuality, pleasure, and rest to fully embrace the energies of the Beaver Moon. 


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