Crystals for the Full Moon in Aries

crystals for the full moon in aries


Crystals for the Full Moon in Aries 

Cleanse, charge, and set intentions with crystals for the Full Moon on September 29, 2023

Every month our planet is washed in the beautiful light of a Full Moon. Communing with your crystals during this time is a beautiful way to honor the rhythms of the Moon while accessing the potent forces of astrological energies. 


We can use this time to cleanse, charge up, and perform intention rituals with our crystals based on themes surrounding the current Full Moon. Here we will explore the meaning of the upcoming Full Moon in Aries in relation to crystals that are the most resonant to attune with for this Lunation cycle. 


Full Moon in Aries Key Themes: 


  • Pioneering
  • Courage building 
  • Spiritual awakenings 
  • Initiating something new




Element: Fire

Color: Red


Selenite moon bowl

Cleansing crystals during the Full Moon

While the Moon is full its mystical energy illuminates and heightens the spiritual vibration here on Earth, impacting all earth energies, including crystals. This makes it a great time to cleanse your crystals. 


Crystals have their own energetic matrix that can harness and direct healing energy. As they are able to absorb the energy around them, they also tend to pick up on energetic run-off throughout the month. In addition, if a crystal has already been set for a certain intention it will need to be reset by cleansing before it can be programmed for something new. For this reason, it is essential to cleanse your crystals regularly like giving them a spiritual bath. 


One of the best ways to do this is under the magical light of the Full Moon. Set your crystals in a window sill or outside for the night before or on the Full Moon as a great way to ‘wash’ your crystals in cleansing Moonlight. Get creative, set them in a beautiful bowl or dish, light a candle, or sing a song as you set them under the Moonlight.  

Charging your Crystals with a Full Moon Intention Setting Ritual 


On the day before, on, or after the Full Moon, you can charge your crystals for a specific purpose. But first, in order to fully reap the benefits from crystals, it is important to establish a connection with them. In a sense, you are building a relationship with the crystal. 


Forming a bond with a crystal is a matter of approaching it with reverence, respect, and asking for the crystal’s energetic support--just as if you were to ask a friend for their help. Once you have consciously bonded with your crystal, you are then ready to charge it up with your specific intention in a ritual.  


Here is a method you can follow for charging up your crystal during the Full Moon for a specific intention: 


  1. Hold onto your crystal in either palm or set it in front of you
  2. Close your eyes and tune into the Full Moon’s energetic presence
  3. Ask the Full Moon to help you charge up your crystal (even better if you can do this outside under the Full Moon or near a window that lets in the Moonlight)
  4. Take a few deep breaths imaging you are ‘breathing’ in the Moon’s energy
  5. Then give yourself some time to sense the energy of the crystal you are working with
  6. Next, bring your intention into your awareness
  7. Let your energy build around this intention by imaging it as already having happened in your life
  8. Then taking the emotions you generated and imagine them energetically moving from yourself and into the crystal by using your inner spiritual senses
  9. You don’t have to see or visualize anything, it can be completely feelings or a subtle sensation of moving energy from yourself into the crystal 
  10. Carry the crystals with you throughout the month or set them around your living space as reminders of the intentions that you set


This ritual can be applied to any of the crystals discussed below using their corresponding intentions. 

Types of Crystals best utilized during the Full Moon in Aries October 20th, 2021

While the Full Moon is generally a good time for cleansing and charging up your gemstones, this one is particularly good for working with crystals that align with the celestial mood of the Aries. This zodiac sign is associated with the element of fire and when combined with the Moon which symbolizes intuition, mystery, and emotions, we get the unique energy of passionate feelings, impulsivity, and spiritual awakening. We will explore crystals that can help enhance or balance these energies including amber, rainbow moonstone, clear quartz, red aventurine, and carnelian.  



Set your intention: For rooting your life force into positive action


Amber is a stone that represents the elements earth and fire. It comes in brilliant fiery colors of orange, gold, and yellow hues. When you hold a piece of amber in your hand, you can instantly feel more present. This crystal helps direct and focus your vitality. It is both grounding and energizing, helping you invite more balance into your body and take action with more mindfulness. 


Amber is a great stone for stepping forward into something new with a sense of integrity, spirit, and purpose. It revitalizes stagnant energies and carries you towards where you are meant to be without being disruptive or chaotic. When you spend time with amber, you can begin to sense more emotional warmth and generosity in your life. 

Rainbow Moonstone


Rainbow moonstone crystal


Set your intention: For clearing the energy field and bringing in protection and intuition


Rainbow moonstone is one of the most magical crystals. It is mysterious and fiery, perfect for this Lunar cycle. A colorful sheen reflects beautifully off of the milky opalescent surface. This crystal can help clear your energy field and enhance your intuitive abilities in addition to vivid dreaming.  


This is a great stone to partner with when you are wanting to protect yourself from outside influences while still remaining open to psychic, spiritual, and intuitive experiences. Rainbow Moonstone revitalizes the spiritual and emotional bodies, breathing new life into your energy field. 

Clear Quartz 

quartz crystal


Set your intention: For taking action, initiating, first steps, and finding direction 


Aries represents the first steps on a new path, opening the way for you to move into something larger than yourself. Clear quartz is an excellent ally for these types of endeavors. It helps direct your path by showing you which direction is meant for you. 


Connect with clear quartz when you are needing to find direction or are about to embark on something new. This is a multi-purpose crystal that can be charged up for a variety of uses. If you are struggling to make a decision, meditate while holding your clear quartz and ask for advice on what you should do. 

Red Aventurine 


Set your intention: For alignment and strength on your personal path


Red aventurine can help connect you to your life’s path. It has a deep earthy red tone helping you remove stagnation that keeps you from taking action towards your heart’s desires. The Full Moon can help you remember your deepest calling. Working with red aventurine at this time awakens you to what steps you need to take. 


Charge up your red aventurine to enhance your willpower for making moves in your life. Invite in more strength and fiercely pursue the dreams that you envision for yourself. Get yourself moving, emotionally, spiritually, or physically, in the direction you want to be heading with the support of this gemstone. 


carnelian crystal


Set your intention: For calling in creativity, courage, and confidence 


Confidence in yourself makes such a huge difference in feeling secure in your abilities and life’s path. Knowing you have a unique and creative gift to share with the world is powerful and propels you towards amazing accomplishments. This stone helps you to be and feel seen for who you really are.  


Carnelian’s orangy-red color represents calling in the courage and confidence needed to truly value and believe in what you are doing, making, and creating through your life. This stone is symbolic of pure fire, stirring the wells of co-creation between you and the cosmos. 

Final Thoughts

Crystals seem to come alive under the presence of the Full Moon’s luminous power. We have a beautiful opportunity during this time to partner with crystals in a deep and magical way. Once a month, give your crystals a cleansing bath under the light of the Full Moon as a gift in exchange for the support that they provide you. Then charge them up with your intentions, weaving the beautiful matrix of human, spirit, and nature together in a harmonic flow. 

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