Looking for the Best Full Moon Ritual? Do This on April 16 (Pink Moon).

Best Full Moon Ritual

Looking for the Best Full Moon Ritual? Do This on April 16 (Pink Moon).

Before we get into the ritual, you’re probably wondering why it’s called Pink Moon, right? Unfortunately, it’s not because it magically turns pink all of the sudden (although that would be incredible), but because it signals Spring is finally here! Native Americans were responsible for naming it that way. And it’s easy to understand why, simply take a look around and notice all the flowers blossoming everywhere.

Since this Full Moon is in Libra, it is all about balance. But don’t let this fool you, because remember to achieve balance one must do certain changes. So, expect some fears to show up around change and transformation. The good news is that with this ritual, you’ll be ready to release those fears, love through them, and transmute them.



Ok now, to the good part! 

Step 1: Light up a candle 

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Step 2: Take your crystals outside and set a jar with water next to them. Make sure they both receive the moonlight directly as it is crucial for them to recharge and soak up this season’s energy. 

Step 3: Take a piece of paper, and write down all the things you feel are out of balance in your life at the moment. Take a minute to reflect on why this is happening? (Hint: There's probably a fear or limiting belief behind it). Now, write down one action you’re willing to take to achieve that balance. Lastly, fold it and place it next to your heart. Take a deep breath and visualize what life will look like once you start taking action.

*Extra Step: Place your newly charged Rose Quartz Crystals around your bedroom, this will help you channel the charming, fresh, and powerful Libra vibes all month long!

After you’re done with the ritual all there is to do next is calm yourself, rest, and get ready for the growing season ahead. Remember, you've got this! 



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