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Pyrite Crystal Cluster

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The ultimate stone for abundance and manifestation. 
Comes with a pyrite collectors card.  Origin : Peru

Will receive this exact crystal shown on the drop-down. Approx 3 x 4 inches


Discover the transformative power of Pyrite crystal from Peru, exclusively available at This unique, one-of-a-kind stone is your key to unlocking abundance and manifestation.

Pyrite promotes healthy boundaries, prosperity, vivacity, and wealth. It acts as a powerful filter, cleansing your energy field of negativity and attracting divine favor. Embrace Pyrite's compassionate powers to deflect self-sabotage and deception, allowing you to translate higher consciousness into real-world prosperity.

Perfect for high-stress work environments, Pyrite helps you set compassionate boundaries that serve both yourself and others. With its transformative energy, Pyrite from Peru is ideal for those seeking strength and integrity in their lives.

Experience the profound effects of Pyrite crystal and elevate your spiritual and material well-being today. Each Pyrite crystal comes with a collector's card for added value.

Learn more about the healing properties of Pyrite Crystal on our blog HERE.

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