Pyrite Crystal: Meaning, Benefits, & Uses

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Pyrite Crystal: Meaning, Benefits, & Uses

pyrite crystals

Pyrite Crystal: Meaning, Benefits, & Uses

Pyrite is a stunning crystal that belongs in everyone’s collection. Uniquely bright, bold, and shiny, this healing crystal is also referred to as fools gold. But there’s no fooling anyone who has felt the energetic pull of a Pyrite crystal.

Brassy and cubical, Pyrite properties include its metallic luster, opaque transparency, and brittle structure. Pyrite is often sold in its raw “rocky” form, like jewelry or a polished pyramid. Pyrite is commonly found in Canada, Spain, Mexico, Namibia, and Peru. But Pyrite healing properties have been experienced around the world.

Pyrite, the Stone of Abundance is often referred to as a stone of manifestation. This crystal gives us the power to manifest our desires in reality. It has a property to activate the wealth potential that lies hidden inside us. By encouraging us to believe in ourselves and our abilities it provides a beneficial boost of self-confidence, which naturally attracts success, prosperity, and abundance into our lives. One of the best crystals for good luck.

Pyrite Crystal Healing Properties

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Pyrite is spiritually and emotionally stimulating. It is not a soothing stone and shouldn’t be used at night. Pyrite crystal healing properties shine a bright light on your higher self, amplifying your potential.

Pyrite is especially good for overcoming imposter syndrome. No more feeling like you’re faking it to make it. Pyrite gives you access to the best version of yourself and offers a gentle reminder that you are worthy and you are enough.

If your confidence has taken a blow lately, Pyrite is great for restoring your spirit and sense of self-appreciation. Use Pyrite to celebrate the little wins and reconnect with your purpose. Oftentimes, comparison is how we tear ourselves down. Pyrite redirects all that wasted energy to self-acceptance and improvement. Don’t try to be someone else, just be a better you. Help open your sacral chakra, a powerful energy center.

Pyrite Crystal for Luck

Like striking gold every time, Pyrite serves up a healthy dose of luck. Not the kind of luck you use at a Casino though. Instead, it strengthens your manifestations by enhancing what you wish to attract.

When you work with Pyrite, you may find far too many coincidences occurring in your favor. Much like being at the right place and the right time with the right people. Pyrite can attract resources and improve optimism. Brings awareness to your physical body and fulfill one's sense of purpose.

Pyrite Gem of Protection

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Use Pyrite for protection. Like a beautiful shield, this healing crystal creates a vibrational barrier between you and unwanted negative energy.

Carry Pyrite where there will be many people and where you’ll be exposed to a variety of energies. If you notice there’s someone staying away from you, consider your Pyrite to be working. Similarly, if you are engaging with someone who doesn’t hold your best interest in mind, Pyrite will stir your instincts and give you the courage to step away from the interaction.

A unique benefit of Pyrite is its ability to open a window when a door is shut in your face. Combined with good luck, great timing, and optimism, Pyrite is known to offer a silver lining in all situations.

Eliminate Mental Fatigue with Pyrite Healing Crystal

Pyrite crystal is great to keep at work, school, or to keep on your desk. It stimulates the mind, helps you recall memories. Better than a mid-day coffee, Pyrite can deliver a mental zing that doesn’t result in a crash.

With a brief meditation and intention-setting, Pyrite can be used to energize and enhance creativity. Strengthening intellect and cognitive function, Pyrite is a celestial source of brainpower.

Keep your thoughts clear and sharp, Pyrite also helps stabilize your mood and free you from overthinking. Because it enhances focus, Pyrite can keep you in the present moment instead of losing time and energy ruminating about the past or becoming anxious about the future. 

Practice, journal, and meditate with Pyrite before an exam, big meeting, or any high-pressure situation for which you will have to show up as your best self. Healing Pyrite is a suitable crystal for ADHD, ADD, and memory loss.

Other Pyrite Benefits

Pyrite is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Located just below the ribs, the Solar Plexus Chakra is the energy source associated with your sense of self. Confidence, self-esteem, personal power, and a sense of stability all stem from the Solar Plexus Chakra. 

Pyrite illuminates this Chakra and helps clear blockages. Pyrite is also associated with the number 3, the color yellow, and the zodiac sign, Leo. 

Whichever house Leo is in your natal chart will also be guided with the help of Pyrite benefits. In general, Leo has to do with the self, which aligns perfectly with the power of Pyrite, and its confidence-enhancing benefits. Pyrite eliminates insecurities and the fear of being seen. This energy goes beyond simple self-esteem. It’s a sense of worthiness–walking into a room, feeling your attractive abilities, and knowing that you are desirable. 


Affirmations for Pyrite

I do enough.

I am deserving.

No one is better than me.

I attract positive attention.

I am worthy.

I have access to my unlimited potential.

I am supported by my higher self.

The Universe is abundant in opportunities.

Letdowns are an opportunity to learn.

I am disciplined and focused.

I trust in my own abilities.

My energy builds positive momentum.

My intuition is keen and discerning.

I am vibrating with positivity and inner power.

I am proud of who I am and everything I do.



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