Need help choosing the right gifts for your spiritual friends?

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Need help choosing the right gifts for your spiritual friends?


There are so many things you can gift your witchy, awakened, and spiritual friends. From private yoga and meditation classes to a deck of oracles to honest beauty products. You can really find a lot of unique options these days, but we bet you're looking for something extra special and meaningful.

Spiritual people are usually interested in things that expand their minds or allow them to experience inner peace. But what happens when you're not clear on their current intention? Are they working through their trauma, manifesting a partner, or learning to trust their intuition?

That's why we've created 4 different archetypes, to help you determine what is the perfect gift for them, based on where they're at in their journey.


Ascending Lightworkers

These magical beings recently embarked on this journey of self-discovery and healing. They have just discovered the power of working on themselves and with their own magic. They have begun to become aware of their gifts, abilities, and blessings. Because they are in the early stages of their journey, things can seem overwhelming at times. Sure, at this stage they are curious and eager to open up to new experiences but they must first learn to take care of their mind, bodies. That's why we recommend these 3 gifts:


  • Third Eye Candle: This candle is the perfect way to help them wake up their senses and revel in the calming, uplifting power of peppermint.


  • Hematoid Quartz Necklace: This stone is a powerful source of magnetism and vitality. Incredibly protective and grounding, it will help them connect to their root chakra in a heartbeat. Hematoid Quartz will allow them to ground themselves, amplify their energy and reignite their passion.


  • Create Kit: Energize their creative spirit so they can start materializing their dreams. This kit comes with 4 different crystals: Tiger's eye (to release self-doubt), Fluorite (to elevate their consciousness), Green Aventurine (to connect with your heart's wishes), and Aragonite (to balance the masculine/feminine energies).


Modern Seers

Modern seers are those who can sense and manifest things with ease because of their connection with their third eye. Since they are highly intuitive and more advanced in their journey, they should learn how to relax to enhance their gifts. Here are our gift recommendations for them:


  • Scentsual Incense Trio: Ginger, Lavander, and Sweet white sage. These three incenses will help them relax and indulge in the passing of time as they let their mind, body, and soul unwind. Each stick lasts around 25 minutes, which will allow them to take a little mindful break during the day.


  • Moss Agate Tower: Moss agate is the perfect stone for keeping harmony, stability, and composure during these changing times. It will ground them, and clear their perspective. Plus, Moss Agate is also known as a great companion to help find success and good fortune.
  • Relaxed Crystal Kit: This kit includes everything they need to create a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere in their home: lavender incense, blue calcite (to promote calm and decrease negativity), lepidolite (to soften stress), and selenite (to enhance clarity). 




These souls are here to heal themselves, each other, and the planet. Because they embody light and raise the energy around them, they must work on keeping a high vibration, so they can share it with the world. Here's what we feel they would love:


  • Shungite Plate: This adhesive strip will protect them from the EMF waves from their cell phones. Shungite aids in the purification of water, and since we are 60% water, this stone is a powerful bodily healer.


  • Amethyst Bracelet: This stone will protect them against anything that might disrupt their mental balance. It will also protect them against dense energies and bring a sense of peace.


  • Positive Focus Crystal Kit: One of our favorites! This kit will uplift their energy, boost their focus and amplify their natural frequencies. This kit comes with an all-natural rosemary incense, clear quartz, yellow lace agate, and orange calcite.



Shadow Workers

Because they deal with karma, trauma, and negativity daily, they need to protect and cleanse their energy daily. Here are our top 3 gift ideas for them:


  • Black Obsidian Palm Stone: This grounding stone will shield them against negative intentions and vibrations. All they need is to carry it with them or tuck them inside their pockets. It will also stimulate their sense of purpose, stability, and fulfillment.


  • Ruby Fuchsite Sphere: This powerful sphere will give them a sense of relief, fortitude, and love. It will lift their emotional burdens, releasing toxic influences and helping them continue their healing journey.


  • Protect Kit: This crystal kit will protect them from vibrations that no longer serve them. This kit comes with: Malachite (to draw out emotional blockages), Black tourmaline (to integrate psychic insights into your everyday life), Pyrite(to protect from high-stress environments), and Shungite (to guard the mind).


There you go! Now you know exactly what to gift! 


*If you want to create a personalized kit, send us a DM via Instagram so we can help you customize your order.




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