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Rainbow Fluorite Bracelet - BALANCE

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Fluorite is a mesmerizing multi-colored crystal renowned for its ability to promote focus, balance, and mental clarity. This enchanting gemstone enhances the capacity to think clearly and rationally, making it an invaluable aid for anyone seeking to sharpen their mental abilities and improve concentration and memory.

Fluorite's harmonizing energies help bring order to chaos, providing a sense of structure and stability amidst life's uncertainties. Whether you're facing a challenging task or navigating a busy day, Fluorite can help you stay grounded and centered, enabling you to approach situations with clarity and confidence.

Incorporating Fluorite into your daily routine can help you unlock your full potential and achieve greater success in your endeavors. Whether you wear it as jewelry, place it in your home or office, or meditate with it, this versatile crystal can support your journey towards greater focus, balance, and mental well-being.

Rainbow fluorite bracelet, 6mm or 6mm beads. Elastic band  19cm, or 7.5-inch wrist 

Comes with a fluorite crystal collectors card with healing properties and uses


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