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Apatite is a highly versatile stone, and its energy can be used to bring about any number of changes in our lives. This crystal helps you take the first step toward manifesting your desires by keeping negative thoughts out, and clearing away any existing blocks or obstacles that may be preventing you from succeeding. In addition to this, Apatite stimulates the mind through meditation, inspiring original ideas and fostering creativity.

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Blue Apatite crystal is highly regarded for stimulating mental clarity, enhancing communication, and promoting personal growth. Many turn to this gemstone for its motivational properties, as it is believed to boost creativity, self-expression, and the pursuit of one's goals and aspirations.

To harness the potential of Apatite crystal, hold it near the throat chakra during meditation to enhance communication and self-expression. You can also wear it as jewelry or carry it with you to promote mental clarity and motivation throughout your day.

To charge your Apatite crystal, place it under the gentle light of a full moon overnight or let it soak in the sunlight for a few hours. This natural process revitalizes its energy, enhancing its mental clarity and motivational properties for spiritual use.

Apatite crystal is generally safe for water use, but it's advisable to exercise caution, as prolonged exposure may affect its appearance and energy. A brief soak or rinsing is typically considered safe for using Apatite in water.

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