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Aquarius Bracelet Trio

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Each bracelet is 6mm beads. 19cm, or 7.5 inch wrist 

The three bracelets included in this kit - Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, and Angelite - are carefully chosen to complement and enhance the characteristics of the Aquarius sign.

Green Aventurine promotes harmony and balance, which resonates with the Aquarius trait of seeking peace and justice. Rose Quartz encourages love and compassion, reflecting Aquarians' empathetic and humanitarian nature. Angelite promotes peace and tranquility, a perfect fit for the Aquarius sign's desire for inner peace and reflection.

Each bracelet has a card detailing its unique properties and a stylish pouch for safekeeping. Whether you're an Aquarius looking to enhance your own unique traits or gifting to an Aquarius in your life, our Aquarius Bracelet Trio is a perfect choice. 

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