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SIlver Sheen Black Obsidian Sphere

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Come with a black obsidian crystal collectors card. Small 2 inches, Medium-  3 Inches,

Origin : Mexico

WHY • To vibrate at the same level as the creative force at the core of humanity. To see what is unseen. To protect against psychic attacks and infringements of any kind. Black obsidian is a powerful visionary tool, allowing its guardian to match the frequencies of all that is harmonious.

HOW • Black obsidian releases resentment, fear, and anger, working to instill balance in the day-to-day. A grounding stone, it shields against negative vibrations and intentions.

WHERE • Work with black obsidian on or around your root chakra (base of the spine). Its grounding properties can stimulate your sense of purpose, stability, and fulfillment.

MANTRA • I have all the security I need to manifest my visions.

Sphere stands sold separately 

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