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Cancer Bracelet Trio

Cancer Bracelet Trio

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Each bracelet is 6mm beads

Our Cancer Bracelet Trio is a must-have for anyone born under the Cancer zodiac sign. This bundle kit includes three beautiful bracelets made with high-quality crystals: Sodalite, Rose Quartz, and Angelite.

Each bracelet is carefully chosen to complement and enhance the unique personality traits of Cancerians. Sodalite promotes emotional balance and self-acceptance, which resonates with Cancer's sensitive and intuitive nature. Rose Quartz encourages love and compassion, reflecting Cancerians' nurturing and caring qualities. Angelite promotes peace and tranquility, a perfect fit for Cancerians' emotional and sensitive nature. Each bracelet comes with a card detailing its unique properties and a pouch for safekeeping.

Whether you're a Cancer looking to showcase your unique traits or gifting to a Cancerian in your life, our Cancer Bracelet Trio is the perfect choice. 


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