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7 Chakra Bracelet Set

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Activate, align, and prepare to be amazed as this complete Chakra Pack brings balance across your body, mind, and spirit. When all seven of our chakras are in full alignment, we are able to leap towards our fullest potential, to be unblocked and in beautiful free flow. For those ready to reach new dimensions of spiritual, physical, and mental awareness, the Chakra Pack is waiting.

 Comes with 7 bracelets, a pouch and chakra balance card. 

Size Small : approx 6.3 inches, Medium : approx 7.5 inches.

Crown : Amethyst

Third eye : Labradorite

Throat : Sodalite

Heart : Green aventurine

Solar Plexus : Yellow lace agate

Sacral : Carnelian

Root : Jasper 

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