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Cobaltoan Calcite Tumbled

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Comes with a Cobaltoan calcite crystal collectors card.

Cobaltoan calcite is an enchanting crystal that emits a softer, more subtle energy. It can boost your mood and increase your vibrations while encouraging you to pay attention to the people you feel closest to.


WHY • To heal intimacy wounds. To tap into the ecstasy of positivity. To cultivate adoration for the mystery of the present. Cobaltoan calcite reminds us of the sweetness of friendship, removing blockages that prevent us from living in harmony with others.

HOW • This healing crystal draws out any repressed emotions that may inhibit its guardian from rejoicing in the full experience of togetherness. A purging of hurt gives way to a relaxation into vulnerability. 

WHERE • Work with cobaltoan calcite wherever you may be feeling the effects of emotional trauma in the body—areas of tension, tightness, and discomfort. This stone has the power to hold its guardian through the process of release, making the journey smoother and quickening relief.

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