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FULL MOON - Crystal Ritual Kit

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Attune to the energy of the moon with our full moon crystal kit. The set includes gorgeous Selenite, Rainbow Moonstone, and Angelite stones, which are known for their ties to lunar energy.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and connect with the energy of the moon. This crystal kit has everything you need to honor the full moon's power, from selenite to rainbow moonstone and Angelite. Rainbow moonstone aids with emotional balance and Angelite is known as a stone of tranquility. Selenite can assist in bringing calmness and relaxation to your mind, body and space. Stone by stone, watch as they transform your space into a sacred healing space.

These stones have been chosen by us for their unique energies, allowing you to connect with the energy of the moon and it's universal powers. 

Comes with :

Collector card with each crystal and healing properties

4 Inch Selenite Moon bowl

4 Inch Selenite wand

Angelite Palm Stone

Rainbow Moonstone heart

Palo Santo + Sage for cleansing

CALM DOWN CANDLE - Our signature Palo santo/ bonfire fragrance. Made with pure coconut wax, phalate-free, cotton wick, non-toxic candle. 

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