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Gemini Bracelet Trio

Gemini Bracelet Trio

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Each bracelet is 6mm. 

Our Gemini Bracelet Trio is the perfect accessory for anyone born under this curious and communicative zodiac sign. This bundle kit includes three stunning bracelets made with high-quality crystals: Lepidolite, White Howlite, and Sodalite.

Each bracelet is carefully chosen to complement and enhance the unique personality traits of Geminis. Lepidolite promotes emotional balance and calmness, perfectly reflecting the dualistic nature of Geminis. White Howlite enhances communication and expression, reflecting Geminis's curious and talkative nature. Sodalite enhances mental clarity and intuition, a perfect fit for Geminis's analytical and intellectual nature.

Each bracelet comes with a card detailing its unique properties and a pouch for safekeeping. Whether you're a Gemini looking to showcase your unique traits or gifting to a Gemini in your life, our Gemini Bracelet Trio is a perfect choice. Elevate your accessory game with a touch of curiosity and communication.

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