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Shungite Protect Kit

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Shungite Protect Kit

The ultimate shungite protection kit! Guard yourself from the harmful emf waves from your electronic devices. 

Comes with a Shungite collectors card and crystals kit box. 

Cube (4cm) - excellent grounding energy, associated with the root chakra

Obelisk - a symbol of the ancient world, beginning in Egypt. Releases built up energy, allowing to flow through the apex. 

Pyramid (5cm) - powerful manifestation tool, representing spiritual awakening and power. Used to amplify any energy. 

Sphere (3.5cm)- and ancient symbol representing unity and wholeness, emitting energy in all directions. 

PURIFICATION • SHIELDING • HEAVENLY BODY • MINIMIZE EMF (protects from radiation from cell and electronic devices)

A very rare, powerful mineral formed over 2 billion years ago. This is a go to for purification and protection. In 1996 a group of scientists were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for discovering fullerenes, which is some of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature. The natural existence of fullerenes remained unclear until they were verified in deposits of shungite in Russia in 1985. 

WHY • To cleanse one’s energy field of heaviness and blockages. To prevent negative energies and intentions from prospering. To honor the divinity of the physical body, protecting it from harmful influences. Shungite aids in the purification of water, and as the human body is comprised of 60% water, this stone is a powerful bodily healer.

HOW • Shungite cleanses the body of emotional blockages and repressed trauma that can lead to physical ailments, ensuring every cell of the body is aligned with wavelengths of purest light. This healing stone can aid in the relief of anxiety and insomnia.

WHERE • Shungite can be used next to electronic devices to protect the mind from psychic attacks and guard against negative electromagnetic frequencies. Place shungite in your drinking water to remove impurities as you nourish your physical body. (If you do this, note that there might be black carbon residue in your water due to the natural makeup of the stone.) 

MANTRA • I am pure, I am fluid, I am whole.

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